Sunday Morning Coffee: Weariness of the Spirit

“Good grief,” you may be thinking. This one sounds like a downer!”

I’ll try not to make it that way.

Haven’t there been times when it was just hard for you to consider one more day, one more hour, one more minute? When you’ve wanted to head for the hills, build a shelter invisible from the world, and just hide there alone with an endless stack of good books and your choice of coffee, tea, or water?

Honestly, I’m feeling a little bit like that right this minute. I didn’t even scan my Facebook newsfeed yet, because I’m tired of politics and I know there will be some. I’m tired of Covid and “get the shots-don’t get the shots.” I’m just tired of man’s unkindness to man, even in Christian circles where we ought to know better.

Truth is, it’s just about impossible to hide forever in this world if techno-spying. Sometimes I feel like this funny guy:

But there is a hiding place! Tons of music floods my mind when I think about hiding in the loving arms of God, the best place I know to find shelter, peace, refuge, rest, restoration, and spiritual renewal.

If you, like me, are feeling a need for a safe haven, take heart. Jesus is just a prayer away. And maybe you do need to just check out of life for an hour, or a day, or whatever you can manage. Even Jesus had to get away from the people, go up into a high mountain or across to the other side of the lake, or take a nap in a boat during a wild storm. He understands.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Weariness of the Spirit

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    1. Thanks. That’s a real compliment πŸ™‚

      I am intrigues by the name of your blog. I was a therapist for 18 years, specialized in anxiety and trauma. Worked with some soldiers, as wel as rape victims, victims of generational incest, etc. I often used EMDR, which is a valued treatment for PTSD. Anyway, I need to go take a look at what you have to say πŸ™‚

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  2. Something struck a nerve there in the title. maybe. I tried my best for my granddaughter’s sake not to be or sound weary.I should have read this Sunday when it was intended to be written but my routine was rearranged with a visitor for the week and family in turmoil. Ill health and family struggled has upset the family this week. Music sure helps me keep plugging along. During the week a new CD/Cassette/radio arrived and my granddaughter color coded the buttons for me so I can operate it without being able to see with normal vision. By staying with me, Kamryn didn’t have to be part of the hard decision making and sibling warfare! I am absolutely convinced that even Christians who quote Prov. 3:5 and 6 do not take it to heart.

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