Veteran’s Day

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this.  We all know what Veteran’s Day  is about.  My dad was a WWII veteran.  Other men in my family also fought in WWII.  My husband is a 22-year veteran of the Army Reserves.  He rose to the highest level a non-com can, and his unit truly respected him. Weekend warriors earn their pay and their status. They are trained in a variety of way that make them ready to be called up at any time. They often serve in times of need involving flood, earthquakes, and so on. They are in the way of danger in non-military ways, and they’re good guys. veterans-day-image

We need to be thankful for and support our military, whether active or reserve. They are often working at great personal sacrifice, leaving homes and families for active duty, not getting a whole lot of support once they come home. I think it is disgraceful that vets have to get along on sketchy medical care and pathetically poor pay, when we have offered millions of dollars to illegals in health care, freebies all over the place, and  no penalty for illegally crossing our borders. No other nation in the world is so foolish. But that’s another topic altogether.

I am grateful to our vets, and I respect them for the real sacrifices they have made.

God, forgive America.  God, please heal our land.  May we be able to legitimately ask for God to bless this country.