Busy Friday

I was going to write a normal post today, but then I realized I have an appointment at 10:30, another at noon, and a women’s Christmas gathering this evening. The last two things require some driving time.

So I’m off for my 10:30 in just a few minutes, and I’m just going to wish you all a wonderful Christmas season on this first day of December.  It’s beautiful here, clear winter-blue sky, and moderate temps.  A good way to start a busy month.

Thanks to all of you who faithfully read this blog.  My stats have increased a whole bunch this year.  It’s very gratifying to know that people are actually reading what I write!

And I’m off 🙂


I Think I’m Back :)

I rolled out of bed this morning and realized I’d done it  without grabbing the headboard to give myself a boost that wouldn’t hurt my back.


The pain isn’t gone, but it is so  much improved that I actually  forgot about it for just a second.  And, even better, I slept through the night without having to get up–which means I slept past the time for my every-six-hours pain pill, and STILL stayed asleep for three hours past that time.

I feel rejuvenated.  I feel like Tigger!



Well, that may be going a bit too far, but I really am encouraged this morning.  It’s been such a long time since I haven’t had any pain, and today I’m beginning to believe this one is going to go away–I’m hoping for a very, very long time.

You can watch for my Sunday Morning Coffee post.  I already know what my topic will be 🙂

Maybe a Few Days Off

This will be brief.  Yesterday was surgery day.  Everything went just as it should, and I am thankful.

However, sitting is not my best position right now. I can manage in my comfortable chair in the living room, but I write this blog at my PC. It is on the desk where I keep my Bible and other study materials. The chair in there is not exactly therapeutic.



It could be a few more days before I’m ready to  sit in that chair.

I do want to thank those of you who have prayed for me during these past couple weeks. I know that God was in it every step of the way.  There is, of course, some pain from the surgery that is well-managed by the medication. I should be back to  normal–whatever that means :)–in just a few more days. ‘

On The Homestretch

This is a purely personal note today. The last few weeks have been somewhat trying, with the pain in my back building  a little more each day.  Earlier this week I put out a call for prayer from my praying friends on Facebook, and I was overwhelmed and humbled that so many responded.  I know it was only prayer and the covering of the Holy Spirit that took me through these last three work days, and I am thankful–more than I can express.

Tuesday, Aug. 22 is the date of my surgery on my right sacroiliac joint.  We did the left one in January. There was no trouble, no difficulty.  I’m sure this one will be the same, and I’m actually looking forward to getting it done. Will it cure all the things that are going wrong in my back? Well, no.  But it will give me blessed relief from this particular pain.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my mom lately, who often described pain in her lower back. As far as I can remember, there was never any treatment except pain medication, which she disliked taking.  Just a couple of years before she died, a doctor told her there was so much wrong back there that it would be impossible to repair it all.

I’m positive, from her description of the pain, that she had the same condition as I do. We’re both short, both sway-backed. I don’t know if the swayback has anything to do with the pain. Maybe. My point here is that she suffered, with very little relief, for several years.  I am so thankful that there are procedures available to help my pain, and that I have excellent doctors taking care of me.

Here’s a song I was reminded of yesterday.  It was a blessing to me, and I hope it will bless you as well.

Sloppalisa Saturday

One of the most irritating and embarrassing things that can come with aging is the dropsy. And no, I’m not talking about edema here.  That’s a whole different category.

I’m talking about my hands don’t work.  I pick something up, I drop it. I pick it up again, having to bend over to do so, and now my back aches.

You know, there’s just no justice. You work so hard to develop dexterity from the time you discover your own toes and shove them into your mouth, and then you get old, and you couldn’t reach your toes to save your life.  And it wouldn’t be cute, either, the way it was when you were a baby. Trust me.

This morning I’ve been cooking, preparing a casserole for the church luncheon tomorrow. It’s not a complicated dish. Hamburger, onion, red sauce, noodles, kidney beans, cheese. Easy.

Would you like to guess what all I dropped in the creation of this humble stew? Start with the can of tomato sauce that almost landed on my toes. The wooden spoon I used–after rinsing it off–to stir and break up the hamburger.  The onion, which rolled haughtily away from me, snickering until it bumped the wall.   I pounced!  “Gotcha!”  I hollered–and promptly dropped it again. Caught it in my apron, though, so it didn’t get too far.

Some people think aprons are too old-fashioned.  I couldn’t care less. They come in handy for all sort of things, including dropped objects.

While my goulash was simmering, I went into the bathroom to get out my daily allotment of medications and supplements.  Dropped two of the bottles before opening them (that’s a good thing!) and one of the pills.  Tiny little golden colored Vitamin D capsule.

And now we address another of the indignities of aging. I have graduated trifocal glasses.  I scanned the floor from a standing position, could not find tiny little golden pill. Bent over, eyeballing every inch of the floor, and still had no success. That’s partly because I have to keep moving my head up and down so I can see through the appropriate layer of stacked lenses in my glasses. Like this:


Still no little golden pill.  Phooey.  I’ll just get another one.  This time, I opened it up right over the sink, which I had plugged, so that when I dropped it–and I did– it would have nowhere to hide. Victory!

Well, I completed my kitchen task with no further mishaps, but I still need to grate the cheese and sprinkle it over the top of the stew.  Should be interesting.


The Day after Surgery

I won’t be posting in Isaiah today. The energy just isn’t there. I had a small surgery yesterday, a left-side sacroiliac fusion procedure.  Everything went perfectly, and I was home just three hours from the time the procedure began.  Amazing  what doctors can do these days.


I’m sore, of course, from the incision, but I’m taking pain meds and antibacterial meds, so I’m just a tad dopey.  My husband would say, “No more than usual”  🙂

I’m so glad the long wait is over.  Three months of waiting for a procedure that took about 1 1/2 hours!

Was it worth it?

Oh,  you betcha!


Update on My Health

I apologize for not getting right back to Isaiah, but I couldn’t think of a more efficient way to inform those who want to know what’s going on with me.  I promise, back to Isaiah tomorrow 🙂

So I saw the neurosurgeon this morning.  He cut right to the chase, which I truly appreciated. He put me on my right side on the examining table, and pressed on two spots that just about sent me through the roof. One was at my hip joint, the other on my SI joint (sacroiliac joint). Here’s a picture that will help you understand what’s going on:si-joint-dysfunction-image

The SI joints are the red areas.  It’s a pretty good sized joint, and ordinarily it is stable.  That is, it does not move. It joins the spine to the pelvic  bones, which of course needs to be very stable.

My problem, because of arthritic degenerating disc disease, is that the left SI joint has begun to weaken, allowing it to rub against the pelvic bone.  I want to tell you, the pain is most unpleasant, even debilitating. For six weeks, I’ve been inactive, taking pressure off the joint, so it feels better–until the doc pressed on it. Yikes.

So, I will be having  a simple but very effective procedure in which the doctor will  make a small incision right over the SI joint, where he will insert two screws that will immobilize the joint.  I will go home the same day, and there is a two-four week  recovery.during which I can sit, stand, walk, even do stairs.  No lifting, bending, or twisting, though.

The date for the procedure is January 10.  I had hoped it would be sooner, but God knows.  At this point, it looks as if I can plan on returning to work by the first of February.

I am so blessed for all the prayers and concerns that you have shared on my behalf these past several weeks.  Many of you I know only  because you read this blog. It is wonderful to have friends out there in cyberspace 🙂

So–more waiting.  Something I’ve never been very good at, but it’s unavoidable. God is teaching me patience, and I am thankful.