A Word in Support of.. . . .


We’re are about to start a new chapter in Isaiah, and I prefer to do that  at the beginning of a new week.  So today I’m putting in a word for The Bard.

Now, I’m fully aware and sympathetic that some of you feel the same way about Shakespeare as I feel about football 🙂  Just NO!  I get that.  I have about 15 students in my class right now, studying The Merchant of Venice.  Not all of them love it. In fact, I’m pretty sure a couple of them hate it, but they’re too polite to say so.


However, I found a website that gives a side-by-side interpretation in modern English, and I’m going to share that with the class today.

If you’re interested, it’s  nfs.sparknotes.com/merchant.

I think it will be helpful, and maybe even strike a tiny flame of interest for the incredible stories Shakespeare penned.  I hope so.