No Place Like Home

Well, back to the real world.  The flights went perfectly yesterday, and we were home by 11 p.m. and in bed by 11:30.  When I woke up at 8:30 this morning, the book I was reading was still lying on my chest!  I hadn’t moved all night long, highly unusual for me.  Guess I must have been tired.

I wish I were as young as the girl in the picture!  Well, no, not really.  I’m happy just as I am :)

Anyway, back to normal. Laundry, catching up with email, bills, etc.

One of the things I most enjoyed about our trip was that we had no responsibilities, no schedule, no one else to take care of. We came and went as we pleased; we all treasured our time at the beach doing absolutely nothing.  We really, truly rested, and I think all three of us realized what a privilege it was to be able to go on a vacation where we didn’t have to cook, clean, do laundry, or watch over anyone but ourselves.

Women are caretakers.  It’s just what we do.  That’s fine, and I wouldn’t want it to be any other way, but it sure was nice to  put that role on hold for a few days.

We were waiting for Rick and Terry to come pick us up at the airport when a young man approached us to ask if we lived in Center City (Philly, for those of you who don’t know).  His story was that his cousin was supposed to come pick him up, but was in a car accident on the way and wasn’t going to make it.  He had no money, having lost his job in Florida, so couldn’t take the train. He was just hoping he could get a ride from someone  there at the airport, but he wasn’t having any luck.  He seemed like the real thing, not a con artist, and I felt bad that we couldn’t help him out.

In just a few minutes, Rick and Terry pulled up.  I told Terry about the guy, and Terry walked over to him to offer him some money so he could get a train. Terry started to witness to him, and the guy had this great big smile and said he already knew the Lord, and   he was so glad to meet another believer.  The last we saw of him, he was headed back into the terminal. I hope he finally made it home, and I’m glad Terry shared my desire to help him.  And even if it was a con, it doesn’t matter.  I’d rather help someone and lose the money than refuse to help someone who really needs it. God knows all about it.

Anyway, it was kind of a cool way to end our trip.

Back to Bible study on Monday.  I’m going to start a study on Galatians, and then Ephesians.  Already reading and studying, and I’m very excited about it.

Back Home

We’ll be checking out of our room around 11. Our flight from Pensacola to Atlanta leaves at 2:45, so we’ll have a couple of hours at the airport with Davina before we leave.  She’ll be on her own until nearly six, when her flight for Greenville takes off. Lucky lady, when she lands in Greenville she’ll be nearly home.  When we land in Philly, it will probably another 2 hours before we’re home.

We were talking at breakfast this morning about how thankful we are to have been able to do this trip.  We’ve known each other since 1974.  We stayed in touch when Terry and I went back to Minnesota for 11 years, and picking up  the friendships when we came back here in ’94 was as natural as breathing.

And then Davina asked if we think about Jesus the same way; His being our very best friend.  I do.  I always have music playing in my head, and one of the songs I’m often aware of is What a Friend we Have in Jesus.  Deb mentioned the song No One Ever Cared for me Like Jesus. So we talked about that for a while, and as we sat there I wondered if anyone else in the room knows Jesus.

The lady who prepares the breakfasts was so friendly.  She said she was sorry to see us go. We said goodbye to her, and as we headed for the elevator, Deb said she has one of Renee’s tracts with her, and was going to take it to Lynne, the breakfast lady, when we leave.  Renee, for those who don’t know of her,  was Deb’s daughter-in-law.  She died of appendix cancer nearly seven years ago, and is still deeply missed.  She wrote a wonderful tract before she died called Renee’s Feather.  Renee’s testimony is still being shared. She would be pleased. 

So, this time tomorrow things will be back to normal for all of us, and that’s a good thing, too. We are so blessed.

All Good Things. . .

. . . .must come to an end. It’s our final day to be here, and the weather is giving us some really nice beach weather this morning.

I was really dumb yesterday, left my sunscreen in the room, and I have the sunburn to prove it.

I don’t look as bad as this poor soul, but honestly, there is just no excuse for getting a burn these days.   Clouds can fool you into thinking you’re fine.  It’s not until a couple of hours later that you look in the mirror and blush furiously under your sunburn because you were dumb enough to let it happen.

Other than that, we had a really good day yesterday.  Looks like another good one today. We’ve been getting our breakfast here at the hotel, part of the package, and it’s a good one.  Not just coffee and donuts.  We don’t eat much for lunch, snacking on crackers and cheese we bought. We go out for supper, then we’ll do whatever takes our fancy. Last night we were playing Ad Lib until 11:30, having trouble keeping our heads up and counting up scores.  You still get silly when you’re tired, even when you’re close to 70.

So that about wraps it up.  Tomorrow we’ll be back on a plane, heading to home and all the routine that we’ve left behind us this week.

It’s been wonderful.  Couldn’t have been better.

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble :)


Add one eye of newt, a bat wing, two hairs from the wart on the frog on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea. . .

Deb was cold, so she wrapped up in a blanket while she was making popcorn. All I could think of was one of Shakespeare’s old crones stirring the big cauldron.

Deb’s a good sport.  She said it was fine for me to use this picture of her.

Looks like we may get some more beach time, maybe this afternoon after lunch.  Still overcast, but it’s not supposed to rain for about four hours this afternoon.


We went out for our “dress for dinner” meal last night. The Oyster House is a great place to eat. We all loved our meals, and we finished up with (for me) Key Lime Pie and (for them) chocolate peanut butter pie. Melt-in-your-mouth delicious. dressed for dinner

Don’t you wish you were here ?

The Birds


The three of us were enjoying some beach time.  We got a little hungry around noon.  Because we are amazingly well-organized, we had brought along a box of crackers, some Colby cheese, some peanut butter.  We even stopped and bought a cheap knife on the way to the beach so we could slice the cheese. We each had a bottle of water, and we figured we were good to go.

Davina pulled the crackers, cheese, and knife out of her bag. She handed the cheese to Deb, who set to work making tidy, neat little slices. Deb is your consummate hostess.  She wondered what she could use for a cutting board. I’m actually surprised that she didn’t put the cheese slices in a pretty little swirl on a paper towel for each of us :)

Good thing she didn’t.  While Davina was crackling the cracker wrapper, and Deb was slicing cheese,  the foraging scout for The Mob came around and cocked his beady little eyes at us.

Then he signalled his buddies. “Squawk!  Food!!  Right here! Right here!”duck the gulls

A whole flock of his closest relatives dropped on us like an open bag of feathers, swooping down from the front and the back and practically sitting in our laps, looking for a handout. One of them grabbed a cracker right out of Davina’s hand, and when she hollered, the gulls jumped and took two steps away from us.

“Crazy ladies, guys. Gotta be careful. One has a knife.”

They never took their eyes off of us.  They watched intently while, using a backhanded technique, we passed cheese and crackers, then peanut butter crackers, back and forth to each other. Deb hid behind her magazine to eat, and I cupped my snacks in my hands. Still they watched. . .waiting. . .knowing. . . and yet–they were too birdbrained to figure out exactly what was going on. hiding

Slowly, they began to move away. They hadn’t found the fabulous feeding grounds they’d been expecting.  But one stayed back, standing maybe three feet away, never taking his eyes away from our hands and faces.

“Davina, give me a couple of crackers,” I said. “Let’s see if we can get them to come back.”  I held the crackers between  my thumb and pointer fingers, as high up as my arm would go. gulls

I have very short arms.

Then we waited maybe two seconds before the mob re-gathered, clamoring for whatever they could grab.

They reminded me of the gulls in Finding Nemo.  “Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Whoosh!  A big ugly dude grabbed the cracker out of my fingers, and the rest of the birds sat there looking at me.

“So, is that all ya got, lady? None for the rest of us?  Come on, that’s not fair!  Where’s ours? Huh? Huh??”

Eventually they moved off to greener pastures, but the sentry stayed with us for a while. He was not happy. He kept shaking his head at me. sentinel gull

Deb and Davina took a walk, leaving me alone with my jailer.  He kept hopping up closer, closer, trying to see if I still held anything on my lap.

I think I’ll have nightmares tonight.

Beach Time!


This picture was taken last night by a sweet young girl who saw us taking pics of each other.  Love it. Looking forward to spending the whole morning out there, maybe longer, depending on weather.

We sat up late, past midnight last night, talking and talking.  Sometimes very serious, sometimes hilarious. Sometimes about God’s Word.  Popcorn, sweet tea.  We ate at a little place that had the best burgers ever.  Mine was called a Black and Bleu, I hated to see it come to an end :)

During the night Sunday night my hinky spasmodic back started tickling at me.  I had a really bad time with it back in January, and I didn’t want it to go full-blown.  So I called my doctor in Quakertown, and she faxed a script down here to a Walgreen’s.  Muscle relaxer.  What a blessing, slept like a baby last night and feeling much more normal this morning. Isn’t modern technology wonderful?

That’s one of the things we talked about last night. The computer, TV, cell phone, and so on can be used both for great evil and for great good.  We talked about how the character of our nation, as a whole, has weakened and allowed us to accept things as “normal” that we would never have accepted 50 years ago.

And yet, I’m so thankful for the freedom we still have on the internet to reach others with the gospel. As with anything else, there are choices to be made. We can choose to honor God, or we can choose to forget Him and pretend it doesn’t matter.

All three of us are grandmothers.  All three of us reared our kids during the 70’s and 80’s.  We’re watching our grandkids now. Some are in college, some approaching that age, some still in elementary or high school, some not quite old enough for school. Every one of them will be answerable to God for the choices made as they leave the nest and make their way into what I see as a very dangerous world for Christians.

Our President makes no bones about his scorn for Christianity and his love of a religion whose god requires  bloodshed. If Hillary wins in 2016, we’re going to be in just as much trouble as we are under Obama.

My friends and I all worry about the world our grandkids will have to deal with. Every generation since Adam and Eve has had that same concern, I think.  Mankind tends to spiral downward pretty fast from one generation to another.

What comforts me most is that, as a gospel song says, “I’ve read the back of the Book, and we win!”

And in just a few minutes, we’re going to winwinwin as we spend time enjoying God’s amazing creation of ocean, sun, sand, and breeze.


Raining in the Elevator?

Debbie and I are in the elevator at our motel.  And why, you may ask, does she have her umbrella up INSIDE the elevator?
Well,because it won’t go down.  No matter what.
Davina broke it last night while she was holding a cup of iced tea, and she was trying to get the umbrella down. At least, that’s what she thinks happened.  The umbrella, by the way, poked a hole in the tea and it spilled all over Davina’s dress.
And that’s the latest news from the Gulf, where it’s raining and pouring. We drove down to the beach, but it’s just too wet. Maybe tomorrow.  In the meantime, we’re having great conversation around the things of the Lord, and we’re laughing.
A lot.