First Snowfall

May be an image of snow

I took this picture from our back window–should have raised the slats. Oh well. I just thought it looked so pretty and peaceful. It won’t stay that way long. Right now there aren’t even any animal tracks. The squirrels must be huddled together keeping each other warm. If there are deer tracks, they’re way down at the bottom of our property. I suspect they also are staying together for warmth. It won’t be long before we see rabbit prints, bird tracks, and maybe even a fox. It’s surprising how much wildlife shows up in an older, settled neighborhood.

Terry’s going to go out in a little while to clear our driveway and the walk to the house. He puts a plow on our lawn tractor, and it doesn’t take him long to get the job done. It’s still snowing, but he’d rather do it now before the accumulation gets too heavy for our little tractor to manage. He’ll probably do it again once the snow stops. I’m sure the day is coming when we’ll have to pay someone to do it for us, but I’m also sure that Terry will do it himself as long as he’s able.

Terry loves the snow. I tease him that he grew up in a place where it snows every month of the year except July, and there’s no guarantee of that! He says the snow invigorates him. He’s welcome to it. I’m thinking about a cup of hot chocolate to invigorate me 🙂

It’s nearly the end of January. Here, our heaviest snow months can be February and March, but it’s really been a few years since we had a really major snow like my kids remember from when they were much younger. It was always a lot of fun for them to be out playing in it when it piled up above their heads.

I see the wind is picking up a little. I hope Terry won’t be facing into it. And I suspect he’ll be so invigorated that when he comes inside he’ll stretch out on the sofa and catch 40 winks.

Well, happy snow day to all my southeastern PA friends. If you love the snow, this is your day 🙂

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