Sunday Morning Coffee: Alarms

I have a strong dislike toward my alarm clock. It’s so LOUD! And it beepbeepbeeps at me while I fumble around looking for the OFF button, fighting the mists of incomplete sleep. Now that I’m retired, Sundays are usually the only days on which I have to set my alarm, and I really don’t like having to be up so early. It’s always worth it, but still. Takes my body a good half-hour to adjust to being rolled out of bed because of a noisy clock!

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Sunday Morning Coffee 🙂

There are other alarms that give me chills. Ambulance sirens, fire trucks, police sirens, and more. The loud, wailing cry, often accompanied by the buzz of “get out of the way” horns. Those alarms usually mean someone is in trouble.

I’ve watched movies of WWII Nazi police cars searching for Jews. Their sirens are terrifying.

There is only one alarm that I look forward to with anticipation: One of these days, an angel is going to blow his trumpet and believers from all over the world will go to meet Jesus in the air. That is an alarm I will welcome with the greatest joy I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

And I’m kind of hoping we’ll be able to watch to see how the media spins THAT story : )

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