Just Stopping By

Happy October, everyone. My favorite fall month. Cool nights, gorgeous days, color everywhere!

It’s so late in the day that I’m going to skip my usual post, as I did yesterday. Had a profitable dr. appt. yesterday, hoping to regain full use of my foot over time as I do the stretching, etc. that he recommended. Still have pain but it should decrease slowly.

And I’ll see you tomorrow, unless I sleep half the day away AGAIN! I don’t normally sleep past 8 a.m. and am usually awake before then, but not today. Not sure what’s up with that.

What I love about October:

Happy meets Crazy: Hello, Glorious October!
Heritage variety windfall apples in an English heritage orchard in a glorious  October day, England UK Stock Photo - Alamy
Glorious skies will light up October nights - The Boston Globe
Sunday Thoughts ~ Magnificent October |

Hard to stop. Treasure every single day of this beautiful month, even the dreary, drippy, cold ones. Those days are the tax we pay for the beautiful ones 🙂

2 thoughts on “Just Stopping By

    1. Bree! I was so surprised and happy to see your name :). Yes, I think the stretching will help. Also, getting back into sneakers after probably spending too much time in flip-flops over the summer. Not much support there! I’m just happy that there’s not likely to be any surgery! Give Ivan a big hug from me next time you see him 🙂


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