Random Thoughts

Part One

Well, folks, we’re all still here. The world didn’t end today.  I know, we still have three more hours, but I’m not in the least concerned.

If you are a student of the events of the end times, you know that things are shaping up. Of course, people have been saying that since Jesus went back to heaven! But political affairs, the return of the Jews to national Israel,  the alignment of the nations of the world, the move to a one-world government–so many other things, all are falling into place just as biblical prophecy said they would.

BUT–I knew the world wouldn’t end today because some other things have to happen first.

Image result for the Rapture

Will it look like that?  I don’t know. I just liked the picture 🙂

The Rapture, or “snatching away,” of the church–all believers from around the world, will take place. Then the seven years of Tribulation under Antichrist.  Then the return of Jesus to the earth, the Millennial Kingdom, and the Battle of Armageddon, the final defeat of Satan, along with other details that I haven’t named.  It isn’t time yet for the earth to be totally destroyed.

So relax, would you please?  Don’t sell all that you have and dress your family in white sheets. Don’t go stand on the highest hill you can find and wait for Jesus to come. It isn’t going to happen that way. We’re going to be going about our daily lives, and when the Rapture occurs, or the return of Jesus to the earth, no man knows. Not the day, not the hour.

Part Two

The subject of shame came up several times in my counseling office this week.  People who are burdened beyond bearing with shame find it hard to function day by day.

Guilt is what we should feel when we have sinned, hurt someone,  entertained impure thoughts, rebelled against God.

Image result for shame

Shame is what we often feel about who we are. Shame is often something that was heaped upon us by others when we were growing up.  If your parents told you that you were worthless, then you probably still feel the shame of those words. Any time someone else belittles us, we feel shame. The sad thing is that we often turn around and belittle someone else, and that’s because we’ve never learned who we really are.

Four verses I use in my office may be helpful to you.

Colossians 1:16 tell us that all things were made by God, for Himself. That includes you. You were made on purpose, just as you are, for God’s own fellowship and purpose.

Ephesians 2:10 says that we are His workmanship (the Greek word is poema, masterpiece, literary work of art!)  poema is a thing of great beauty and value, treasured by the Maker. The same verse tells us we were created to do good works that were ordained for us before time began.

Psalm 139: 14 says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  We are miracles of God’s creation. The same passage tells us that He knew every detail about each one of us before we were ever conceived.

Jeremiah 29:11 was, I know, in reference to Israel.  However, we can understand and apply the principle. God thinks about each one of us; His thought toward us are of good, and not of evil.  He has plans that will give us a hope and a future.

If you are struggling with shame today, remember that you are the creation of God. If you are a born-again child of God, then you are the son or daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. There is nothing in you that is shameful. Sin is dealt with through confession, repentance, and seeking forgiveness.  Our problem is that we know all these things on an intellectual level, but we do not appropriate them in our hearts. We are not humble before God when we fail Him; that lack of humility often leads to shame and guilt.

Part Three.  I am so privileged and blessed to teach, still, after all these years.  Tomorrow morning I get to lead the high school girls’ class.  Friday I got to teach a class of high school homeschoolers,   and maybe someday they’ll develop an appreciation for Shakespeare 🙂

Image result for teaching

I am 70, often feeling every minute of my years, but I get all excited still  when I get to lead someone to Christ during my work day, or teach young people just starting out on a path I’ve long ago traveled.

God is always good.  All the time, even when circumstances aren’t good, He is good.  God is Good, and Good is God.


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Teaching, such a wonderful profession, to be able to sew the seed which could grow into love of God or Shakespeare and so many other things…
    Congratulations on your enthusiasm after so many years. I’m a teacher too.

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