Law and Grace

This is the subject of Paul’s letter to Galatia:  Law and Grace.  It is a beautiful treatise, coming from Paul’s legal training and scholarly mind.

Law and Grace

The book can be neatly divided into three parts:  Chapters 1-2, Personal;  Chapters 3-4, Doctrinal; Chapters 5-6, Practical.

In the personal chapters, Paul shares his own personal experiences with the Law, and with grace.  In the doctrinal section, he discusses the great truth of salvation by grace plus nothing. The last two chapters are full of the practical, moral, and ethical considerations that arise from a knowledge of salvation by grace alone.

With this short introductory information, I think we’re ready to dig into the scriptures. I’m looking forward to it. Galatians is a rich little gem that should never be overlooked.

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