Why December 25th?

The other day my chiropractor asked me why we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Dec. 25.  I told him that I wasn’t sure, but that like other Christian holidays, there is some kind of tie-in with old pagan celebrations. So this morning I looked it up, and I was right but I didn’t know the details.  Here’s a really good description of how it happened:


Regardless of whether or not we’re celebrating the actual date of Jesus’ birth, the important thing is that we honor  Him and remember the incredible sacrifice He made. The Son of God left the unimaginable realms of heaven to be born and to live as a man so that He, perfect, sinless, holy, could die in our place and rise victorious from the grave to provide our way of salvation from our sin.

That is the true meaning of Christmas.  All the other things that happen at this time of year are nothing but tinsel and glitter. If we aren’t careful, we’ll allow the miraculous birth of Jesus to be obscured by the jingle of the cash registers all across the land.

I’m taking a short sabbatical. You won’t hear from me here tomorrow, so I’m wishing you all a very warm and wonderful Christmas. God bless us, every one!

8 thoughts on “Why December 25th?

  1. Historically, it could be tied to the census ordered by Ceaser Augustus? At least it would be sometime in that frame. I did not read your link, but I’d guess that the Catholic church decided on a universal date. Just commenting. What matters is that we remember the birth of our Savior and His future payment for our sin debt.

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