Sunday Morning Coffee: Pain

I went to bed last night with what I knew was the seed of a migraine. I took some preventive measures, but I knew it wasn’t going to be a great night.

I hate it when I’m right about that sort of thing 🙂

Symptoms and stages - The Migraine Trust

I hope you can enlarge the graphic. It does an excellent job of describing exactly what happened yesterday. I don’t usually get an aura, but I did last night.

Some years ago I went to a seminar on helping clients who suffered frequent migraines. One of the most helpful things I learned was the practice of applying pressure to the person’s head (don’t try this if you don’t know how!). I taught Terry how to do it, and he has big, broad palms, so it feels really good. The theory is that veins dilate and throb, creating the terrible pressure and pain of a migraine. The applied pressure can help settle things down.

Anyway, it wasn’t a great night. I’m thankful that the pain is gone now, but I’m always left with nausea, weakness, extreme sleepiness. Not in any shape to get into the car (shudder) and try to be my normal self with people. Just–NO.

So. The question, for me is “Oh, no! Not again! Lord, what’s this all about? How is THIS a part of “all things work together for good”?

I don’t have a specific answer. It would be arrogant for me to try to say why anyone suffers physical pain, or debility, or disease.

Here’s what I DO know: I don’t have to have an answer. I don’t have to question God. I don’t have to whine and complain. I do have to trust Him, because He is God. He is always good, even when my circumstances aren’t. He has said that His plans for me are for my good, and not to harm me (Jer. 20:11). His thoughts are higher than mine, His ways higher than mine.

So instead of demanding an answer, I can pray. And I did. Still am. “Lord, I don’t have to like everything You have allowed in my life. I don’t have to enjoy pain. I do have to live with it, and I ask You for the grace and patience to do that in a way that will honor You. Help me to be thankful for the relief I’ve found this past year from the chronic back issues. I have a new adjustable bed that relieves my lower back. I have medication that helps me sleep without tensing up against pain. I have help for the migraines on the infrequent times they come to visit. And I’m not working any more, so I have the freedom to relax and rest until I feel better. “

See? I DO have some answers when I turn my thoughts away from myself, my pain, and toward the God Who loves me.