Like an Unturned Cake

Hosea 7:8-9.

Ephraim, he hath mixed himself among the people; Ephraim is a cake not turned.

Strangers have devoured his strength, and he knoweth it not: yea, gray hairs are here and there upon him, yet he knoweth not.

The Cultural Faith Crises of Burnt/Raw pancakes

In turning to the worship if idols, Ephraim (Israel) was like a “cake not turned.” Often, bread was prepared like a pancake; it was cooked on both sides. If you, as I, have ever become distracted while making pancakes, you know how quickly they can burn on one side but are still runny on the other. Not appetizing at all. So was Ephraim in the eyes of God. Like an unturned pancake, it wasn’t pleasant to Him.

Ephraim had given all her strength to idol worship, and had become weak and open to destruction. The sad thing is, the people didn’t even know how far they had fallen. They had begun to show grey hair, but were not aware of this sign of aging and its accompanying weakness.

They were truly ripe and ready for the Assyrian harvest.