So Lazy!

Ken and Terry needed the library for a project they’re working on, so here I am again, getting in some wifi time.

I have been incredibly, unbelievably lazy.  Is it Wednesday already?  Wow.  The kids are in their last full day of school.  Thursday and Friday will be half days.  Sheila’s parents will be coming in on Friday, and graduation for Kyle is Sunday.

I’ve taken a very short walk each day, trying to stretch out those hip flexors and regain some strength.  I’m continually distressed at how weak I am, although I shouldn’t be surprised.  It’s been over two years of back issues now, and exercise has been out of the question for quite a bit of that time.  But I’m determined to regain whatever I can, and being on vacation  gives me the opportunity to get started. There’s a very convenient walking path right outside the back gate.

The weather has been gorgeous, although hotter than I’m used to.  Today is lovely, about 75 right now and breezy. The best thing is that I haven’t needed ANY of my allergy nasal medications. That’s just amazing to me, because back home in PA I’m pretty sure I’ll have to be right back on them.

I can see Alayna’s middle school if I crane my neck a little bit. Very roomy, and large athletic fields.  She loves it there. She’s having lots of opportunities to be in music and drama, which she loves.

There are lots of pretty scenic areas in and around the city.  If I had to move here, I think I’d be okay.Image result for sioux Falls, SD scenery

Not that I want to move 🙂

Final Two Days

I’m thinking you won’t hear from me tomorrow.  We’re heading out very early to go to Rapid City.  We probably won’t be back in Sioux Falls much before 6 or 7. 

This afternoon we went to the Great Plains Zoo where Kyle and Ivan volunteer.  While we were there, ominous clouds rolled in from the west. We hadn’t been there long before tornado warning sirens went off, and we were herded into a room that had no windows. We were there for about an hour.  The zoo had obviously prepped for such events. They offered face-painting for the kids, snacks, and games.   While we were waiting to be released, we heard hail  pounding on the roof.  Ken’s car has many little dimples that it didn’t have before! Ivan, who loves storms, was excited to see more than one twisting funnel in the clouds, but as far as I know nothing touched down. 

After supper, Ken took us around to see some city parks. Image Beautiful, peaceful places, they took me back to my early years in southern Minnesota.  Nothing like a midwestern town park. I could easily visualize 1890’s Gibson girls in  high hairdo’s, hats, parasols, gauzy gowns, and high button shoes strolling with their beaux, who were dapper in straw hats, moustaches, and spats.  There was even a band playing in one of the parks.  We had a great time.  Finally, picked up the boys from Civil Air Patrol. They looked so sharp in their dress blues.  Proud of those guys. 

All right, time to get back to the apartment and to bed.