Sunday Morning Coffee: Last Day of February!

February is on its last legs. Twenty-four hours or less, depending upon when you read this, and it will be March.

I won’t be sad to wave goodbye to February. Lots of snow, and it’s possible we’ll have more in March. These two months tend to be the snow months here. I’m hoping March will come in like a lamb and go out like a lamb. Easter is early this year, April 4, and I just don’t like it if it’s cold and snowy on Easter Sunday! Well, my wanting balmy weather isn’t going to bring it :).

I teach a history class for a homeschool co-op that our church sponsors. Sometimes it’s an English class. I have the freedom to go wherever I’d like :). Right now, we’re talking about the Puritans and their Great Migration during the first half of the 17th century. Their goal was to establish a “city set on a hill”. that would be a refuge for believers who were being persecuted in England and other parts of Europe.

Matthew 5:14 quotes Jesus telling the people that a city set on a hill cannot be hidden. The Puritans truly yearned to establish that God-ruled colony in the New World that would shine the light of the gospel for all to see. Their hearts and hopes were high, and it did indeed seem as if they were doing what God had ordained.

It started well. Sadly, several factors influenced a gradual falling away from the hope of the gospel and turned the people’s interest to more earthly pursuits. It’s a sad story, but not a new one. When we forsake the first zeal, the first joy, the first fire of gratitude at God’s great gift of salvation, we tend to turn to other efforts, such as making a lot of rules for everyone else to follow. And later in their effort for the church to maintain political and civil control over the Massachusetts Bay Colony, they made a compromise that actually weakened the church. It’s called the Halfway Covenant. If you’re interested, you can find it easily online.

Of course, as one who loves our country and the history of it, I can’t help but make comparisons to America then (and it wasn’t America yet!) and America now, and the turning away we are seeing from the truth of the gospel; from the holiness of God, to the secular humanistic belief that man can transcend himself and actual become godlike. This philosophy deifies man and humanizes God.

This philosophy is taking us nowhere good. What America needs, and what we all need to pray for, is a Holy Spirit revival to sweep our land and clear away the cobwebs that have destroyed our understanding of the holiness of God. We need to beg Him to cleanse us and make us whiter than snow.


Matthew 5:14. “Ye (heirs of the kingdom)  are  the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.” (parentheses mine)

This picture reminds me of the song little children used to sing; maybe they still do. “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, let it shine all the time. Let it shine ’til Jesus comes . .”

We Christians, heirs to the kingdom, are to be lights in this world. When the early settlers came to America, they claimed this verse.  They wanted to be that city set upon a hill; to found a new world built on the principles of God’s Word. 

We are not light in and of ourselves. The light we are responsible to shine is that which is reflected from Him, Who is the Light.  The light is not that of our good works, our obedience to all the rules, our own righteousness.  It is the Light of Jesus Christ, not to glorify ourselves but to glorify Him. 

I have a friend who is a gifted musician.  Any time she receives a compliment for her piano playing or her singing, her response is, “To God be the glory.” 

That’s what I’m talking about.