Thou Art My God!

Psalm 31:13-14.

For I have heard the slander of many: fear was on every side: while they took counsel together against me, they devised to take away my life.

But I trusted in thee, O LORD: I said, Thou art my God.

So much of what David says brings to mind what Jesus experienced as He took the path to the cross. This graphic certainly reflects what David wrote. He was experiencing fear.

I know that Jesus experienced fear as He faced the moment His Father had to turn away because Jesus became sin for us, Who knew no sin. Did He fear the physical pain and humiliation? We are not told so in the scriptures, but He was wholly God AND wholly man. What man would not dread the scourging, the total exposure of the body as he hung helpless before a derisive crowd. Everything I’ve read indicates that there was no loincloth to preserve modesty. The victims were humiliated as completely as possible, with no mercy. The tortures of death by crucifixion are at the root of our word excruciating, indicating the worst pain imaginable.

David knew he was slandered. Slander, if it is generally believed, can destroy one’s life.

The Pharisees had been slandering Jesus from the moment they heard of His birth! He was, after all, a bastard child, in their opinion. Probably the result of a liaison between Mary and some Roman soldier. Such slander followed Him all through His ministry. People do tend to be persuaded by their leaders.

David bore the lash of slander, sometimes from his own family.

Jesus’ enemies “devised to take His life.” They wanted Him killed, in the most painful and humiliating way possible. Therefore, it had to be Rome that killed Jesus, because the Jews were not allowed, by Roman law, to crucify their own criminals.

David did not die at the hands of his enemies, but he knew they were always plotting and planning ways to destroy him–again, even his own son was involved in such treachery.

Jesus prayed to the point of sweat and blood before the process of His arrest and execution began. He knew what He was facing. He knew He was the only One Who could fulfill God’s promise of a Redeemer.

In v. 14, David called upon God, and knew that his life was in God’s hands.

If only we, in the worst of our trials, could find peace in knowing that our lives are in His hands!

2 thoughts on “Thou Art My God!

  1. Thank you. This post is very well written and researched. The thousand year connection between the applicable Psalms of David, as this one, and the Lord’s life and ministry, are a testimony to the faithfulness of God. To those paying attention, by being close to the Lord, these things are understood and seen in advance though sometimes, due to God’s timing, are never experienced in the natural.

    There are times when life gets very hard. There are times when slander and betrayal take place. Even then, though, the real believer knows in his or her heart that the Lord has one’s life in His hands. Though He may allow such attacks by the enemy He also grants the ability to overcome. The devil and His minions threw everything they had at the Lord but they had no ability to stop His glorious resurrection.

    It was the same with David and every real believer who died in faith and will also be true for every real believer living at present who stays in faith. There will be a resurrection to new life. We will also have lesser “resurrections” in this life in which the Lord comes through. Sometimes we have Exodus moments when it appears all is lost, when we feel we have done everything we know to do and in which we must surrender to His will in faith that He will make a way, as impossible as it may seem. HE ALWAYS DOES.

    Blessings to you Linda and Merry Christmas


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