Saturday Soliloquy: A Wonderful Week

Our son Ken was here for a week. He left around 5 a.m. and I’m already feeling the empty spot. Something snapped in my back on Saturday night, so I was a bit slow for a few days, but there were lots of activities–some of which I could actually enjoy in spite of my wonky back!

Monday, we went to the Philadelphia Art Museum where Ken pushed me around in a wheelchair, and we enjoyed some amazing paintings. On the way home, we had supper at The Perk in Perkasie. The photo above was taken there. And so was this one:

Mike on my right, Ken on my left

Other activities took place, but I stayed out of things like going for a 45-mile bike ride. There was a day I would have loved it, but not any more.

My favorite was probably the concert we attended in Lancaster on Thursday night. We went the the famous Shady Maple Smorgasbord for supper. The we enjoyed The Collingsworth Family. They give a great show. The matriarch, Kim, is a fabulous pianist with a great story to tell of how she began to play. I’ll post a video of her work in a few moments. Here we are at the concert: Thanks to Janan for the photos.

And here is Kim Collingsworth with her own arrangement of the Hallelujah Chorus:

King of Kings! Lord of Lords! Hallelujah!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Soliloquy: A Wonderful Week

  1. I love the Hallelujah chorus! I was writing about that beautiful song in my memoir, just a couple of days ago.

    When I was in Lancaster last year for my son’s wedding, I was amazed at how much has changed since I lived there 20 years ago. It’s good to know the Shady Maple is still there.

    I’m praying for your lower back. I have lost 2 inches of height due to issues with the discs in my spine, so I know how painful and crippling back pains can be.

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    1. It is indeed a majestic piece of music.

      We don’t get over that way too often, but the Shady Maple is still going strong. They’ve done a remodel sometime in the past 20 years or so, expanding and growing 🙂

      I do appreciate your prayers. The last shots I got, about two months ago, haven’t been as effective as I hoped. Probably going to need another round sooner than usual. Are your problem discs in your back upper, lower, or middle?

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      1. My entire spine has issues, apparently stemming from the fact that one side of my spinal column is longer than the other side. All but the top two discs in my neck are badly herniated. However, I was recently informed that my loss of 2 inches in height can only be caused by failing discs in the low back, as the discs in the neck and upper back aren’t wide enough to cause such a great loss in height. I also have bone spurs all along the entire length of my spine, on both sides. It’s truly amazing that I can get around as good as I do.

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