Sunday Afternoon Tea: The Wonderful and the Awful

What’s wonderful is that our second son, Ken, is here. So, so good to see him! He’ll be here for a week. He and Mike are off on a jaunt to Philly to see a friend of Ken’s. They’ll have a great time, just the two of them, on the way down and back, as they catch up with each other.

So, what could be awful? Not the weather–it’s been great lately 🙂

I stood up from my recliner last night to head to bed, and got a jarring jolt of nasty pain. It was completely unexpected. I’ve been doing quite well since my last injections a couple of months ago. Sigh.

I had to just stand and wait for several minutes while things settled down and I felt I could walk. Terry brought me my walker. When it’s bad like this, just getting into bed is a trial. Once I’m there, and have taken my meds, I can relax. I turned on the vibration in my adjustable mattress and focused on releasing tension. Surprising how hard that can be. I know how to use breathing to focus and relax. And while that was going on, I talked to the Lord.

I’ve known for a long time that prayer is simply talking with God. I’m still learning about that, though. Just having a conversation with Him is a wonderful way to relax. Talking and then pausing to listen as He brings scripture to mind that comforts and encourages me during these times is such a blessing. I don’t always remember the references, but here are a few of the whispers I heard last night:

If God sees a little sparrow fall, then surely He will care for you.

His thoughts for me are for good, and not for evil; thoughts to give me a hope and a future.

His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.

I can do (bear, endure) ALL things through Christ Who strengthens me.

Joy comes in the morning.

In everything give thanks!

He gives me the peace that passes understanding.

I am sheltered under His wings!

There was more, and I think I drifted off to sleep being thankful for all the zillions of verses I’ve memorized over the years.

One thought on “Sunday Afternoon Tea: The Wonderful and the Awful

  1. I am so sorry. I’ve had a pulled hamstring giving me fits and keeping me on the quiet side. Sitting was more difficult than standing. When my brain will not slow down to match the tiredness of my body, I quote scripture, or scripture fragments in alpha order. I seldom get past “m” so sometimes I start there If only the angry, hate filled protestors would try using the Bible to extinguish their bitter feelings and point them in the right direction. We need to keep praying for them too.

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