His Throne

Psalm 9:7-8.

But the LORD shall endure for ever: He hath prepared His throne for judgment.

And He shall judge the world in righteousness, He shall minister judgment to the people in uprightness.

In v. 6, David spoke to his enemies, also the enemies of God, who had been brought to dust. All their cities and monuments destroyed, all their power stripped from them, they had nothing left at all. Even the memory of them has been erased. In all their pomp and circumstance, they are brought to dust.

The LORD, though, will last forever. There will be no erasing of His works. He cannot be canceled. He is not subject to man’s whimsy. When He assumes His Throne of Judgment, there will be no attorney to represent any of us with fancy arguments and precedence of law. No eloquence of speech will save us from His piercing eyes that can see into our deepest, darkest secrets. We will be helpless before Him.

The time for “just one more chance” will have passed. His judgments on all of us will be righteous, and only those who can claim the blood of Jesus Christ will pass from judgment to eternity with Him.

Man, in his pride, will not conquer God. The time to escape His eternal wrath is now! Trust Him today, repenting of your sin and asking His forgiveness. Trust in the power of the shed blood of Jesus to cleanse you from sin and make it possible for you to stand before God as redeemed, forgiven, blood-bought children. II Peter 3:9 tells us that He is not willing that any should perish.

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