Saturday Soliloquy: Family

Four more family members showed up on Thursday. Haven’t seen them in three years, so there was a whole lotta huggin’ goin’ on 🙂 Two of them are my grandsons, ages 21 and 22, who are, like, YARDS taller than I am. I know, I know. Doesn’t take much to be taller than I am. But these are the same two little rascals that used to climb up on my lap for a story. They don’t seem to want to do that any more 🙂

They’re here for just a short time, but it sure has been fun to have them. My daughter-in-law is the sweetest person. I say that with genuine regard for her. I don’t know a whole lot of people that I think are truly, genuinely “sweet.”

In any case, our house is full and so is my heart.

Have you ever thought much about how incredible it’s going to be in heaven? Of course, Jesus is the focus there!

After that first million or so years of just worshiping Him, I think I’ll enjoy a huge family reunion for the next million or so years 🙂 I have many, many relatives who are there already. I look forward to joining them there, spending eternity with them, with no more separation. No more distance. No more death.

Eternity with Jesus! Eternity with dear friends and family, endless rejoicing and fellowship.

I love my life here. This is not a lament or a complaint. I am blessed and content. I just know that when I take my last breath things are going to get infinitely better!

My back won’t hurt. My vision will be perfect. I’ll play the piano perfectly and with skill beyond my imagination. I’ll have my voice, and it won’t be limited by age or vocal range. I’ll knit yards and yards of beautiful things; I’ll crochet doilies for all of heaven! I’ll cook and bake without weariness, and I won’t EVER have to clean house again! I’ll have an infinite library, and a reading nook that will surpass all earthly comforts.

Just think of what you love here, and imagine it infinitely better there! Something to look forward to, right?

But at the center of it all will be Jesus. And that would be enough.

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