Sunday Morning Coffee:This and That

I don’t have anything particular on my mind this morning, except a song that’s on an endless loop:

Actually, it’s not a bad way to start the day. It was already playing in my head when my alarm went off πŸ™‚

It’s only 62 F. outside! That’s as cool as it’s been in the morning for WEEKS! It’s supposed to go up to 87 today. We’ve had a little rain, but just a teaser. We could use a good, all-day soaker.

On this last day of July, I find I’m truly looking forward to cooler nights. It will still be hot, but it can’t be much worse than it’s already been. I am eager for the fall sky, so painfully blue you can hardly believe it. Fall flowers, rejoicing in the lifting of the humidity. And, I hope, some good steady rain.

We had a group of young adults here on Thursday evening, along with our pastor and his family. What a delightful bunch! I enjoyed getting to know some people a little better. We had a good time with outdoor activities and indoor conversation and laughter. I’m glad we were able to do this. I couldn’t have pulled it off on my own, but having my son and his wife here to shoulder a lot of the work made it much easier. I love it when my house if filled with laughter!

Both Mike and Janan are closing in on jobs. Janan has been working hard, studying to be an insurance adjuster. Mike has three directions in which he could go right now. It’s a matter of making the best choice, not a bad position at all.

Terry got into some poison ivy this past week. It’s all around his left eye, and it’s pretty bad. Poor guy, he reacts to it strongly. He’s not feeling good at all this morning.

All in all, it’s been a fairly normal week. We’ll be on our way to church in about 45 minutes. A normal Sunday.

I hope your Sunday will be a good one!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee:This and That

  1. I had a splendid Sunday! I wanted to write about it but I know FB B must get tired of my bragging on my church and pastor. My church and my eye doctor are the two things holdling me back from voing to Florida and closer to LDebby, Gary, and yes, those great grandbabies!

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