Sunday Morning Coffee: My Newsfeed, Continued

If you read my Saturday Soliloquy yesterday, you know I’m on a crusade to clean up my newsfeed. I’m spending way too much time on it every single day.

As you know, there is something to appeal to every single interest you may have. It would be way too easy to spend ALL day, every day, glued to a screen. Surely there’s more to real life than to just observe other people doing things you’re interested in.

So–I’ve made a start. Yesterday I eliminated several groups that I haven’t looked at in months. It’s harder than you may think! FB doesn’t make it easy to delete groups, but I finally figured it out. I especially zeroed in on groups I was invited to join and did so only to avoid offending a friend. If I never looked at it after I joined, then it’s gone!

Second, and this will take longer, I’m eliminating pages or websites that I did not solicit, but that are cluttering up my newsfeed. They aren’t harmful. They are usually just for fun, but they make it harder to just zip through my feed and be done with it. I’ve allowed myself 10 minutes each day to clean up those posts. And yes, I set a timer. Otherwise I’d get lost in the fog and time would slip away.

What next? Not sure, but it will come to me. This just has to stop! Cleaning it all up will give me more time to spend on more important reading. I’m even getting rid of some political things that occupy way too much of my time. It’s important to stay informed, but not at the expense of hours and hours of time I could use better in other pursuits. Maybe I’ll settle on just ONE news source, and eliminate the rest. Don’t know yet.

At the same time I’m cleaning up my FB, I’m also being ruthless at chopping junk out of my email. If there is no “unsubscribe” option, mail I don’t want gets sent to my spam folder. Just a quick click, and I’ll never see it again πŸ™‚

The strangest thing is that I have this ridiculous sense of guilt for eliminating junk. Maybe I’ll want that information some day. Maybe whoever I’m deleting will feel bad. Maybe. . . . maybe. . . I’m losing my mind? These things are sent out robotically and will not create unease in anyone at all! Honestly. I’m not always sure how I end up on some massive mailing list, but I do not choose to remain a target for unsolicited sales pitches.

Another thing I’m ignoring is click bait. You know, the little adds that show up on something you’ve been reading, luring you to check out what is always a come-on for some outlandish claim or product you don’t want, or need. Infomercials. Junk. I haven’t followed many of these things, but from now on, NO MORE, period! No matter how curious I may be.

All of this kind of housecleaning makes me feel quite virtuous. I just have to remember that removing something leaves a hole, and holes tend to want to be refilled. It is up to me to choose what to put into those holes, if anything, or to choose to simply ignore them.

One thing for sure, I can fill up lots of space with prayer time, or more time in the Bible. Or I can practice piano more, or read more edifying material than click bait. I can work on my mats for the homeless; I can plan for my upcoming fall semester teaching in our homeschool co-op; I can get serious about sending cards of sympathy, encouragement, and recognition of birthdays. On days when I’m feeling up to it, I can extend my cleaning to my drawers, cabinets, and cupboards. It’s shocking how fast STUFF accumulates! At this stage in my life, I need to de-clutter, not accumulate.

And that’s all for today.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: My Newsfeed, Continued

  1. I, too, am trying to declutter my feeds, except it’s not my email that’s the main problem, it’s YouTube! Right now I have 3,594 videos in my watch later. No way I’m watching ALL of this pointless stuff! Ridiculous!

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