Saturday Soliloquy: Retirement

I didn’t think I’d like being retired. I was concerned that I’d be bored, not having any particular thing to do without a job to go to.

Then my achey back kicked in, and I’m very thankful not to have to go to work and sit all day in an uncomfortable chair that offers no lumbar support.

I’m certainly not bored! I’m still teaching in our homeschool co-op during the school year. Writing this blog is a daily exercise that stretches my brain and enriches my knowledge of the Bible. I can read as much as I want to. I have never before had so much time and such a quiet atmosphere in which to be able to lose myself in a good book.

I’m taking piano lessons, something I’ve always wanted to be able to do. I practice for at least an hour every day, or as long as my back can endure. I’m learning things I never knew about in regard to technique, how to practice, attaining efficiency and accuracy. I started teaching myself, with the aid of a couple of beginner piano books, when I was 10. I’ve played for church for many years, and I’ve always been thankful to be able to do that. But I’m expanding beyond those rather limited capabilities now, and loving every minute of it. The program I’m using is online, Piano by Pictures Academy, under the direction of Ryan Kelly. I have an online teacher every week who has worked with me patiently while I unravel old, incorrect habits and learn better new ones. I love it. Right now I’m polishing up Chopin’s Nocturne Opus 9, #2, which is beloved and familiar to anyone who enjoys classical music. It is a delight to me to actually be able to play this piece, and to play it correctly. I even enjoy playing scales!

There are other things I have the time for now that I didn’t have the time for when I was working. All things considered, in spite of some physical debility, retirement has just been a doorway into a new and extremely satisfying way of life.

I’m never bored!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Soliloquy: Retirement

  1. This is inspiring. Hmm, maybe I will relearn how to play the flute. I loved my flute that I played in the school band, starting in the 3rd grade. Then my mother made me sell it to a pawn shop when I was 13, because it was the only way I could buy school clothes that year.

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