Sunday Morning Coffee: “You’re just like. . . . .”

To whom do you often get compared? One or both of your parents? A grandparent, aunt or uncle? Someone else?

It is a common trait among us to look for resemblances the moment a new baby is born. “Oh, look! He has daddy’s ears!” “Look, she has Grandma’s dimples!”

We love to see physical traits that identify our tribe. Later we look for characteristics that tend to run in families–a hot temper, a great sense of humor, a tendency to ruminate, or to be critical, or to be generally on the happy side of life. Some families have lots of artistic members, or musical, or athletic, and so on. These traits are not mutually exclusive, of course 🙂

There are several teachers on one side of my family. Several musicians, several who are quite gifted artistically. That last one skipped me. I can’t draw a convincing stick figure :). Art, however, can take other forms. I love to knit and crochet, and I used to do counted cross stitch. Not so much these days because of eye strain.

I got to thinking last night about how we really should be developing the characteristics of Jesus. Luke 2: 52 tells us that Jesus increased (grew) in wisdom (intellect) and stature (physical strength) and in favor with God (spiritual growth) and with man (social relationships). That’s a good measure of maturity, isn’t it? He set us the example for which to strive in our own lives, as well as in teaching our children to reach high personal goals.

Jesus, of course, was not afflicted with the sin nature that besets us. He never disobeyed, never was mean to His siblings, never talked back to Mary and Joseph. He never even tried to defend Himself against the outrageous accusations made against Him. He was God incarnate. We won’t reach sinless perfection until we all get to heaven. What a day of rejoicing that will be!

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