Saturday Soliloquy: Changeable

This is an in-between season here in southeastern PA. In one week’s time, we can go from night temps in the low 30s to daytime temps in the high 70s, often accompanied by high humidity and thunderstorms. One never knows what a day will hold. The daily weather reports aren’t as reliable as we might wish they were.

Do I need to layer my clothing? Will I need my umbrella? Short or long, jacket or no jacket? I guess you have to just be prepared either way. Right now, it’s 66 degrees, with high humidity and a dense fog warning. That warning should lift quickly, though, because the skies have cleared completely for the time being, and the sun is burning off the fog. (The temperature has risen three degrees since I finished typing this post!)

My azaleas are in full bloom. I have peonies and iris in the back yard, preparing to display their beauty before the next storm comes along and shreds them–especially the peonies. They don’t stand up to a heavy rain very well.

I don’t stand up to the humidity very well. I woke up very early this morning with stiff, aching hands and fingers. In fact, just about everything that CAN ache IS aching 🙂 The temperature doesn’t seem to affect me nearly as strongly as the humidity. I’ll be letting Terry know, today, that it’s time to turn on the air conditioning. To which request he will go look at the temperature inside the house and inform me that it’s not quite hot enough. To which I will respond, as I have done for lo, these many long years, that it’s not the heat! It’s the humidity!

And he will agree to turn on the AC.

Did you ever wish, when you’re stuck in one of these endless-loop conversations, that you had a little recorder on which you could simply push a button under the number of whatever conversation you’re having?

I wonder if God ever feels that way with us. He has given us all we need in His Word, the Bible. When there is a lack of communication, it’s not God Who has failed to tell us what we need. WE have failed to hear, understand, and remember.

Many times, in my years as a therapist, parents would come in to complain, “My kids don’t LISTEN to me!” I would usually say, “It’s not failure to listen. It’s a failure to obey. We teach people how to treat us. It would seem that you have taught your kids that they don’t have to worry about obeying until you yell, and usually that won’t work either. They don’t fear the consequences of disobedience because you threaten, but you don’t follow through. They know it. So they look and act as if they didn’t hear you. It is deliberate disobedience, not a failure of their ability to listen.” I would then proceed to offer them some counsel on how to speak–and act quickly–to retrain their children to obey them immediately. Sometimes they did what I suggested, sometimes not. The ones who did not? They just couldn’t accept that their kids were deliberately disobedient. It must be something else.

God is patient with us, but His Spirit will not always strive with us (Gen. 6:3). At some point, when we choose to disobey His Word, He will act decisively, as He said He would, to discipline our disobedience. Our reaction to His Word will determine His blessing or His chastisement.

HE is not the One Who is changeable. WE are the inconsistent factor in this equation. Just like spring weather, we can’t seem to make up our minds to be reliable. We are driven with the wind, tossed about like a ship without a rudder (James 1:6). We are fickle, open to every wind of doctrine (Eph. 4:14).

The only way for us to avoid the inconsistency of disobedience is to determine to obey. Period.

There is a song I remember singing as a child. It included the words, “If we listen and obey, we’ll be happy every day!” It’s a two-part action: We listen, then we obey. When we ignore God’s promptings, we will suffer consequences.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Soliloquy: Changeable

  1. momtocam

    I’m a firm believer that humidity does in fact affect arthritis. My husband and I were discussing this a few days ago. His parents live in Phoenix..where he also grew up. We very well may end up there after he retires in 12 years. When we visited them 4 years ago, I noticed a big difference in my pain levels. Of course, since this time, I have been on a keto lifestyle, thus losing around 25’s helped a lot. Hope you’re continuing to do well….and no more leg cramps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just a caution. As archeological excavations in AZ have reveled that many of the Native Americans suffered sever arthritic conditions. However, it has seemed to relieve the pain for a lot of people to move into a less humid climate.

      Thanks so much for your well-wishes. Taking a daily magnesium supplement has had a very good effect on the cramps. Also, I’ve been using my massager when it starts getting jumpy–helps a great deal.


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