Sunday Morning Coffee: The Church

We have a big decision to make after church today. We’ll have lunch first, then a business meeting in which this important vote will be taken. I hope, of course, that it turns out the way I want it to 🙂

I’m happy to say that the cartoon above is NOT my church 🙂 Our business meetings are usually short and to the point, with anyone free to state his opinions, and no murmuring and complaining once the decision is made.

And so it ought to be. One of the main benefits of the church is that we have fellowship with other believers, in a spirit of unity and respect for one another.

No church, of course, is perfect. If you find one that is, you’d better go somewhere else because you’ll probably ruin it :). The church is comprised of sinners, saved by grace and looking forward to heaven. We are particularly blessed in my church to have some outstanding teachers both in children’s ministries and for the adult Sunday School classes.

I hear a lot of nonsense concerning church these days. Don’t really need to go, can worship God while I go fishing, the forest is my church, etc. The problem with all that, of course, is that it countermands God’s plan that church is to be a place where believers are edified, admonished, helped, and encouraged.

We have a really good group of young people. Our teens are, for the most part, open and friendly with the adults. They seem to enjoy little kids as well, and participate in helping with children’s church and in the baby nursery. They’re normal kids. They like to have fun. I enjoy them a lot in my home school co-op classes.

I’m rambling this morning. I’ve just been thinking a lot about how important the church has always been in my life for nearly 75 years. It hasn’t always been a blessing. Being the preacher’s kid puts one in an awkward position, in which you are expected to be a paragon of virtue, but are disliked for being too holy. “Be good, be an example, but don’t be holier-than thou.” Believe me, it’s a tricky rope on which to balance! However, that ends fairly early in life, and the lessons learned during those years are invaluable later on.

I love my church. I love the people, the little children, the teens, the young adults who are happy to sit and talk with me after the service is over. And I truly enjoy the older people–oh, wait. I AM an older people! Huh.

I saw a meme yesterday that said, “I hate it when I see an old person and realize he’s the same age as I am!”

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