Sunday Morning Coffee: Good Sleep, and a Goodbye

It’s a gift! Good, restful sleep is a wonderful thing. No restless leg symptoms last night. What a blessing!

So. The big news today is that our pastor, who has been at the church for 25+ years, is retiring. Today is the send-off, celebrating his years of ministry to our church and thanking him for his faithfulness and godly leadership. There will be a meal after the morning service, and a time of testimonies and probably tears as we say this goodbye. He’s going to begin a ministry of being an interim pastor, starting next week at a church in Maryland.

It’s sort of like seeing a very close friend retiring from that position. We will miss him so much!

He has done his best to prepare us for this momentous change in our lives as well as his, but I don’t think you’re ever really ready for such a big change, until suddenly it’s happening.

This photo was taken at his 66th birthday party in October:

We’ve been part of this church since 2013–nearly ten years! That’s hard to realize! We’ve certainly grown under his ministry. His life and ministry make me think of this song by Ron Hamilton:

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