Sunday Morning Coffee: Sleepless

It is 2:30 a.m. I am exhausted, but my restless leg won’t let me sleep. I’ve done everything I know to settle it down. Nothing works. It’s a no good, horrible, very bad night.

So I figured I may as well get a jumpstart on my blog, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be sleeping when everyone leaves for church in the morning. Well, it IS morning.

Restless is, I understand one of the joys of old age. Drives me crazy. Stretches don’t help. Tonic water, a product called Calm, a couple of topical things I rub into my leg? Not tonight. Usually I hit on the right cure, but not this time. A pinch of salt under the tongue. Walking. Nada.

Tonight, it has traveled to my left leg, too. I’m afraid they’re going to get into a leg wrestling match.

I try to tell myself it could be so much worse. And it could But somehow that brings me very little comfort when I can’t sleep and my legs have a life of their own.

Well. I hope you are all having a better night than I am. I think I’m going to try going back to bed, and maybe have a little talk with Jesus. Maybe He’ll calm the storm in my leg!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Sleepless

  1. This. comment is for Lisa H at Not Over the I lost your comment suggesting a bar of soap between my sheets. I will try it. Magnesium? Yes, I do try to eat magnesium-rich foods. Still, not much relief. I will check out the link you sent. Thanks 🙂


    1. will see a ton of information at Suzy’s website. She is a registered pharmacist., but turned toward the holistic approach in medicine many years ago, as I did too. I take several of her supplements. Prescription drugs deplete us of many essential she explains so well in her book Drug Muggers. The RLS could also be a side effect from a drug. Praying you are better soon 🙂

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      1. Lisa, I did some reading and found that bar soap contains some magnesium. Slept with one by my leg last night, and it did seem to help. Also, looking into recommended amounts of magnesium, I discovered that I’m definitely deficient. No way I’m going to eat 3 avocados every day :). I need about 300+ mg. daily, and the best sources are calorie-dense. I’m losing weight, not going to endanger that. So i think the best bet is a supplement. We’ll see how that works 🙂

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  2. I hope this condition was defeated and that you have had a good rest by now. Linda, I want to say that I really appreciate your writings and research. Thanks for visiting me when you can. Have a joyful, happy, and blessed Spring season!

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    1. Thanks, Oneta. I’ve been so tired today–got very little sleep last night. I’ve been looking online at possible natural treatments, like foods with magnesium. I don’t want to take any more pills!

      Our weather has been wonderful this past week. Spring is right around the corner. I have narcissus read to bloom, daffodils coming up in the back yard. I really look forward to the flowering trees, always so beautiful.


    1. Oh, goodness! Night terrors are awful! I’ve suggested to clients that they claim Job 1:9, asking God to put a hedge of protection around their minds at night.

      I did much better last night. I’ve decided to start taking a magnesium supplement. Can’t hurt, and maybe it will help.


  3. I take a magnesium supplement 3 x week. Glad the soap helped. Best wishes on your weight loss journey..mine continues to go well. Getting labs done next week to see how much lower my A1C has dropped. Feeling better, and have so much energy now.

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