Horses, Cows, and Pigs

I have a whole collection of strange animal encounters. Yesterday I got to add another.

My daughter-in-law came into the living room saying, “Y’all don’t have horses, right? There are horses running around your back yard!”

Well, no, we don’t have horses. However, our neighbor on the corner does. In the 28 years we’ve lived here, I’ve never seen them get loose from their enclosure. Sure enough, though, here they came running across our back yard, heading home to their own stable. Our neighbor was out there , but she really didn’t need to do much. They were clearly headed for home.

So now we have the prints of their hooves to remind us they were here. The ground is soft and mushy from the recent rain and snow. I kind of like seeing those clots and remembering the beauty of the animals that made them.

Years ago, we were living in Iron River, Michigan. Small town. There was a radio program called “Telephone Time” in which people could call in and ask for recipes, or offer a car for sale, or whatever else was on their minds. I didn’t always listen, but this particular morning I did. Someone called in and said that their cow and her buddy, their pet pig, had escaped their enclosure, and would anyone who sees them please call.

At just about the same moment, I glanced out our livingroom window and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a cow and a pig running across our field. Now, this is not an every-day event! I was fascinated to watch them. It’s really not often you see a cow running, and especially in tandem with her buddy the pig.

I called the number and reported the siting. Not too much later, the host of the radio program announced that the cow and pig had been rounded up, and thanks to all who called in to report a location.

I have many other unusual animal events. Don’t know why, but they seem to follow me.

And this is a very random post. No point. Just entertainment 🙂

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