Sunday Morning Coffee: Family

My oldest son and his wife have lived in Germany for close to 23 years. They have decided to come back to the States, partly to be near us in our “declining years.” I really hope that’s a far future status, but we are delighted to have them home! They flew in on Thursday night, and landed in Philly in all that wind and rain.

As I’ve watched them begin the process of reestablishing themselves here, I’ve realized clearly that this has been a tremendous move for them. They reared their family in Germany, made many friends there, and have loved the history and beauty all throughout Europe. It’s not an easy thing to pull up stakes in a country that has been home. So much had to be left behind, and of course they are, for all practical purpose, homeless here for now.

As always, there is music in my head. Right now, I’m hearing songs like this one:

In reality, all believers are just biding their time here on Earth, where life is but a vapor, waiting to go to our eternal home with God. Another old gospel song says,

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