Remember to be Thankful

I just finished sweeping and Swiffer-mopping my bathroom floor; also swept the hall and about half the dining room. And I’m pooped. Such a tiny little bit of housework, and I need to rest before I make lunch.

This is directed at my younger self as much as to any of you who still have tons of energy and no hinky backs. I wish I had been more thankful back then. I chased four kids, cooked and baked, and did laundry in a wringer washer. Lugged in groceries to feed the six of us, lugged my vacuum up and down the stairs, changed the beds, scrubbed the toilet, sink and tub EVERY week, did a lot of sewing, PLUS I was a substitute teacher at UBCS, taught Sunday school, organized women’s meetings, and led a women’s soul-winning group, and later on I taught full time. I was rarely tired to the point of needing to sit down. And I’m afraid I took it all for granted, not realizing that it wouldn’t always be that way.


Now? Half-an-hour of light cleaning, and I need to rest before I make lunch. Good grief.

Partly this is due to the debility that comes with having a degenerating spine. It limits so much! Can’t bend, lift, or even do simple exercises like sit-ups. Walking is sometimes painful, always slow.

Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not complaining. It’s just what IS at this stage of my life. I’m 74, after all. I surely didn’t expect to be this helpless at this age, but there it is. I’m thankful for Terry, who does most of the grocery shopping and pitches in to cook when I’m just not up to it. But I can’t manage a houseful of company the way I used to, and that makes me so sad.

My point here? If you are young and full of pep, be thankful! If you are older and have no physical debility that has robbed you of pep, be thankful! And if, like me, your body has decided to mess with your energy, be thankful for what you used to be able to do. Also, be thankful if you have a husband like mine, who is often, to be trite, the wind beneath my wings. If you have kids old enough to get under the household chores, teach them well and make sure they know how important they are when they are your hands, feet, legs, and back.

Okay. I’m going to go put together a salad for lunch. I think I can do that without needing to visit the ER 🙂

5 thoughts on “Remember to be Thankful

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  2. Oh, I’m sorry you are going through all that pain and disability.

    I will be 69 this year and I just don’t have the energy and the stamina that I took for granted years ago. I, too, have degenerative disc disease in my spine, my neck and low back. Plus I recently had an MRI on my right shoulder and was told that my shoulder joint has advanced degeneration and a labrum tear. My doctor is sending me to an orthopedic surgeon. Of course, I am right handed. How will I manage, when my shoulder is immobilized post surgery for two months, to allow it to heal?

    But my surgery will have to wait, as my husband is still healing from having two fusions in his neck. His fusion surgery was done on his 73rd birthday.

    I hope I am not repeating myself here. I have written about my injured shoulder and my husband’s neck surgery in comments recently and I can’t remember if that includes you. I never used to forget anything. Now, not so much.

    Getting older definitely can be a challenge. I’m saying a prayer for you right now, Linda.

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    1. Thank you! I know you understand. I do not mean to complain,. Life is often difficult. What I’m thankful for is that I am still coherent :). Dress myself, cook, feed myself, do a little cleaning, etc. I’m still useful, can still type to write my blogs, still have teaching opportunities, and many kind friends.

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      1. That’s an awesome gratitude list.

        My granddaughter sent me a text this morning telling me that she is having a very hard time with the idea that she will turn 30 next month. I told her I understand, because I hated turning 30, too. But now I am looking forward to turning 70 next year. Seriously. Ahh, but the aches and pains and degeneration of aging, I did not mention that!

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