Sunday Morning Coffee: Disgusted

I usually avoid politics and hot topics. I don’t want lots of nasty comments, and I won’t get into a debate with anyone. I will not post comments that are offensive, hateful or profane.

Sometimes, though, I read something that has to be addressed.

A news item caught my eye that told the story of a young man who, as an older teen, had violently assaulted a young girl in the school bathroom. He’s 26 now, and he came up with an idea that quite literally turns my stomach,

He has to go to jail, which of course wouldn’t have been any fun for him. So he said that he now identifies as a woman, and he convinced whoever decides these things that he needs to serve his sentence in a female correctional facility.

Mind you, he’s still a man. No steps have been taken to reverse his gender. But he SAYS he “feels like a woman,” and California (where else!) law says that his feelings must be honored. He wins. Everyone else loses. This predator will be in a facility populated with young women, and he will see it as his own personal playground.

This is the kind of evil that takes hold when we, as a nation, turn our backs on the God Who has so richly blessed us for so long. Ancient Israel had prophets who warned them repeatedly what would happen if they continued in their sin. And repeatedly, Israel was destroyed and enslaved by other, stronger nations until they finally repented and returned to God.

America can expect no less when we protect criminals and allow them free access to their potential victims. I’m pretty sure the reason he doesn’t want to be in a male prison is because historically, male inmates have no regard or mercy on other men who abuse children. He wouldn’t have had a very good time there. And he got out of it simply by saying, “I identify as a woman.”

We have opened a Pandora’s box.

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