Sunday Morning Coffee: Perfectionism

Perfectionists tend to think of it as a strength. Any strength taken too far becomes a weakness.

I’ve been making sleeping mats out of used plastic bags. These are distributed to the homeless in Pottstown by a gentleman from our church. I enjoy the work, and especially when my back is misbehaving, it’s something I can do as a ministry when I can’t do much else.

My most recent project is one I’d had in mind for some time, and I finally finished it yesterday.

Here’s a picture:

May be an image of indoor

Think of it as modern art. The colorful blobs are flower beds. The grey strip is a walking path. Sandy brown beaches, a lake complete with ducks and a boat, hills, a sunset, and lots of cloudy blue sky.

I’m not satisfied with it, but I’ll refrain from picking it apart. Whoever gets this mat isn’t going to be worried about the flaws 🙂
So why do I say that perfectionism can be a weakness? Well, for one thing, it robs a person of the joy of the journey. When all you can see are the flaws, there’s no satisfaction in the hours and hours of work involved. That’s a weakness.

Perfectionism is a good thing in a lot of ways. We want perfectionism in our medical care; in our mechanics; in food handling, and many other professions. We need to learn to check, double-check, and check again when we’re dispensing medicine, or exercise advice, or child-rearing wisdom, just to name a few things.

But when one is never, ever willing to move forward for fear of being wrong, then nothing is ever accomplished. When we do finish a task and then pick it apart to everyone else, it robs them of whatever pleasure they can receive from it.

You know, the only artist I know of Who makes NO mistakes at all is God. His creation is a daily blessing. Every new little baby is a masterpiece of His creation. We should take great joy in His perfectionism, because He is incapable of making an error. He is all things to all people, able to meet every need and every desire that honors Him.

Doing this mat has been a lesson in humility for me, because I’m not an artist, and this was a difficult task I’d set for myself. Many times I had to pray, “Lord, please keep me patient. Help me not to quit.”

So the mat will go to church with us this morning, and my friend will gladly accept it to be given to someone who is in need.

All things do work together for good when we know that we are working in His will, for His purpose.

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