Late Today: A Lesson Learned

This is not a Bible study today. It is a life lesson. You’d think, by age 74, I wouldn’t still be needing to learn life lessons, right? No, not right. Because, see, as you age, circumstances change, and you need to be able to adapt to the changes. Some of which you never even thought about, right? Right!

I remember, many years ago, being at Aunt Lucy’s place. She was a delightful woman, with a hearty laugh. It was a family reunion of sorts, and for some of us it had been 20+ years since we had seen each other.

I had four little ones to deal with, so I’m sure I missed a lot of what was going on, but one thing is very clear in my memory. Aunt Lucy has asked Uncle Everett to clip her toenails. He did so, being very careful, and I vaguely remember them laughing and talking quietly together while he worked. At the time, I thought it strange that she couldn’t do it herself, but the incident was consigned to a remote place in my brain. Until this morning.

I needed to clip my toenails. There was one that was encroaching on the toe next to to it, and it needed to be brought back inside its own boundaries.

Well, my body doesn’t bend and flex as easily as it used to. And the naughty toe was the little toe on my left foot, which involved having to cross that leg over my right knee, which effectively obscured my view of the offending toenail. Huh.

A boy cutting nails - Stock Illustration [12329789] - PIXTA
Remember when you could do this?

No problem, when everything is flexible and your eyesight hasn’t gone wonky.

So. I put my readers on, switched on my bedside reading light, and tried to situate my toe so I could see it. I have a cool pair of clippers that work really well, most of the time.

Ready, set, GO!OWWWW!

I clipped my toe, but the nail is still intact!

Wrapped a kleenex around the toe I’d nearly amputated, hobbled to the bathroom, managed to soak up the blood and get a bandaid around the toe. THEN I went to ask my longsuffering husband for help. When I told him what I’d done, he gave this LOOK, like “are you nuts or something?” What he said was, “Why didn’t you just ask me to do it? You know I would have been glad to help.”

After I finished shrinking down to about 2 inches, I said, “I thought I could do it myself. I’ve ALWAYS done it myself!” And suddenly that picture of my Aunt Lucy and Uncle Everett flashed into my mind, and all I could think of was, “But they were OLD when that happened!”

Right, Linda. They were about the same age you are now. Duh.

Terry patched me up and cleaned up the blood trail. He said, “Ask me next time.” I will.

Lesson learned: If you can’t see it, don’t use a toenail clipper on it.

That’s all I have to offer you today. Profound, huh?

I’m hoping to be back to my normal routine tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Late Today: A Lesson Learned

  1. I feel your pain, Linda. No, not in my toe, in my herniated discs and my right shoulder. I am right handed but today I’m having to do most things with my left arm and hand. Clip my toenails? Forget about it.

    I remember when I was a nurse aide working in a nursing home, prior to becoming an LPN. I had to clip the patients’ toenails. I thought I would never get so old and crippled that I couldn’t clip my own toenails.



  2. Exactly. I worked for one school year as an intern in the social services end of a nursing home, and I routinely visited several clients a day. Sometimes, there was a podiatrist there taking care of ingrown nails, very long and hard hails, etc. I remember the same thing: That wasn’t going to happen to me. Well, here I am.


  3. I just read your toenail story to my husband. He and asked – Did you write this? You are telling my story – blood trails and all . This toe nail cutting thing has been our journey for years – think of it as ‘ROMANCE’ . Don’t you love helpful husbands? My Al & your Terry will get bonus accommodation in Heaven. They deserve it.

    Having had knee replacements, I can’t risk foot infection so I’m leery of pedicures in a salon.

    Isn’t aging fun ?

    Linda (age 76)
    Calgary, Alberta

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