Sunday Morning Coffee: Not Yet

Terry asked me if I were going to church today. I’d been thinking about it, and I WANT to go. But the pain is still intense, I really can’t be on my foot more than a few minutes. and I just don’t think I’m up to it yet. Maybe in a week, when I’ve done the stretching exercises more, and have increased the reps. We’ll see.

But I have much for which to be thankful, and that’s where I want to focus .
I saw the foot/ankle specialist. After looking at my xrays, listening to me carefully, he said, “Plantar fasciitis.” I was surprised, because I’ve had that before, years ago, and the pain is different this time. But as I listened to him, I was satisfied. He doesn’t want to give me any pills :). He doesn’t want to go in and whack off the heel spurs, because he says they’re not in the right place for where the pain is. Instead, he said to treat it like an injury–stay off my foot as much as possible. Do stretches (my feet are SORE from those!). And he gave me a gel heel cup that really does make a difference. We discussed shoes, too. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that surgery is off the table. I was really dreading that possibility.

If you’ve ever had it, this will be familiar to you:

Plantar Fasciitis Review - Sports Medicine Review

I’m thankful for good, practical medical advice. Thankful we have good insurance that allows me to leave the office without leaving a large part of our bank account at the same time. Thankful for a patient and supportive husband, and for so many friends who have prayed for me and still are praying. Thankful that, although the pain is debilitating, it’s nothing worse, and should clear up in 6-9 months, getting better all the while.

I’m thankful that it’s October. I love this month, favorite month of fall. Color. No humidity, no mosquitos. Crystal clear skies, huge billowy white clouds. Fall flowers are brilliant. Cool night, comfortable days. Thank You, Lord, for October.

I’m thankful for some of the small jobs I’ve been able to work on these past weeks and months. Things I can do sitting down, and they’re not really noticeable to anyone else but me. Drawers organized and STUFF thrown out. Bookshelves cleared of things I hadn’t had time to read. All kinds of time to read now. More to be done there, but at least it’s a start. I’ve been using up some of my yarn stash, making winter hats for the homeless along with the sleeping mats I make from plastic bags. These are all things I can do sitting down.

I’m thankful for emails and messenger that help me keep in touch with my kids/grandkids who live in Europe. For some, we communicate almost daily. Couldn’t do that without wifi, phones, computers. I hate typing on my phone, so for me it’s my laptop. I watch others who are so fast just with their thumbs, and it makes MY thumbs hurt just to watch them. Takes me forever to text on my phone.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: I’m SOOOoooo thankful for my adjustable bed! My back is doing pretty well through all the mess with my foot pain. If they both came together at the same time? The statement, “Just shoot me!” comes to mind. Not seriously, but sort of 🙂

Okay, that’s it for now. Have a blessed Sunday, my friends. Go to church. Fellowship with other believers. Enjoy the music and the teaching/preaching. You’ll be glad you did.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Not Yet

  1. Kathy Smith

    Good morning Linda, You finally have a diagnosis for your foot pain! I did not realize that fasciitis takes 6-9 months to go away! Praise the Lord that you don’t need surgery! Keeping you in prayer that it will be 6 months and not 9 ! I have my yearly URI- but it is hanging on longer than usual. Of course my mother would tell me that it is the badness coming out of me . Taking OTC meds to try to shorten it. And Paul got up sick this morning so he isn’t going to church either. So glad we can livestream the service and not contaminate anyone else! Keeping you in prayer that you will be able to get back to church soon to have – up close and personal- fellowship with others. I miss my hugs ! YOU OWE ME ABOUT 100 ((( HUGS ))) !!!! Love in Christ, Kathy

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  2. All last week all I had to communicate with was my Kindle and I hate typing on that little keyboard too. I do have a stylus, but it is still so slow.
    This morning in chatting with a fellow member at church, I learned that she has a hand surgery coming up to mobilize her thumb which has not bee working well, and finally just froze. It is on her dominate hand so she has three weeks now to learn now to do things left handed. I volunteered to help her if her husband would come and get me. We’ll she how it all comes down. Since the hands and feet ARE related, you might pray for her. Her name is Sherry. Surgery is Oct. 27,

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