Sunday Morning Coffee: Leave it There

I freely admit to a good -sized helping of discouragement this morning.

Last Sunday, I was pretty sure I’d be able to go to church today, but it didn’t work out that way. My back is better–not pain-free, but better. However, I’ve developed an acute and ever-present pain in my left foot. No clue, except that it’s the same side of my body as my back pain, and I suppose there could be a connection there. The whole foot hurts. A lot. I can barely walk, with the aid of my walker, and by sliding my foot instead of picking it up and putting it back down.

So I’m fighting the devil today. I’m tired, angry, frustrated. I’m trying to put into practice all the things I’ve ever said to clients about dealing with chronic pain. It’s hard.

So. I’m going to leave you with three things: A cartoon, a request for ongoing prayer, and, of course, a song.

It’s okay to shed a tear or two while you listen to the second verse. I did.

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