Sunday Morning Coffee: Sneak Attack

I’m home this morning. Didn’t want to be, or expect to be. Got up from my chair last night to toddle off to bed, and found that I could just barely toddle. Couldn’t stand upright. The pain was surprising, unexpected, sharp and persistent. Terry had to help me get into bed. My wonderful, magical adjustable bed that allowed me a fairly comfortable night’s sleep. But I’ve been up for a bit, and I already know that going back to bed is my best option.

I looked for an image of a sneak attack, and this is the only one I found that isn’t just completely weird. I’m far removed from the kinds of comics and video games out there for kids these days, and they are certainly not the cute, innocent, fun cartoons of my childhood. Apparently “Sneak Attack” is a very popular comic or game or book–something. The illustrations are weird. I didn’t take the time to look closely, because it wasn’t at all what I was looking for. I just wanted a funny guy in a black mask tip-toeing up behind his unsuspecting victim, like Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd 🙂

Well, I found the two guys above, and that says what I wanted it to. Complete surprise attack.

Okay, Linda, so how are you going to make a spiritual application today?

I have to admit, I’ve had to struggle withe the WHY ME, WHY NOW. The answers are not easy to accept. What I really want is for the pain to just go away and not come back. That’s not likely to happen in this life, unless someone comes up with some amazing new surgical procedure that replaces my crumbly bones and fixes my osteoporosis and degenerative bone disease/stenosis. It’s a nasty little cocktail of pain, and I’d much rather not have it.

But God. But God is one of my favorite phrases in the Bible. It shows up quite often. Usually when the situation is dire, and there’s nothing else to do but turn to Him. It is the moment in which we acknowledge our own inability and humbly ask Him to intervene. Sometimes it’s just “Help, Lord!” And sometimes, His answer is as clear as, “Be still. You know what to do. Go take your pain medication, your muscle relaxer, and your anti-inflammatory. Rub in some of that topical pain relief you use, and go to bed. Allow yourself to relax. Use the vibration feature on your mattress. Terry will help you. Claim all the verses you’ve memorized about fear, trust, and how to think biblically. Then allow the music in your head to relax you so you can sleep. We’ve been through this before. You know what to do!”

As I listened to that still, small voice and my spirit calmed, I did grab my go-to verses, like Psalm 119:165. There are many more. If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know that there’s always music in my head appropriate for the situation.

The first song that came to mind last night was one I hadn’t though of in many, many years. It is a song my mother loved:

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Sneak Attack

  1. Kathy Smith

    That is a great song which should be our daily prayer. For some reason we don’t seem to sing that very often .Keeping you in prayer dear Linda. I missed seeing you today. I was going to talk to you a few weeks ago but Elias had you all to himself!

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    1. I’e missed you, too, Kathy. Seems like a long time since we talked. Elias does come and find me, and I love that. But he’ll be back to school in about a month :). He’s such a good kid, and we have developed a sort of grandma relationship, as well as with Lydia and Daniel. I’ve had them all in the homeschool co-op. The Leinbachs have raised some really great kids.


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