Sunday Morning Coffee: Fear

This old world has often been shaken by fear. Maybe not every country, nation, culture all at one time, but there have been times when fear was pandemic. We’re in one of those time right now. We’re afraid of Covid. We’re afraid of the shot. We’re afraid of government intrusion. We’re afraid of lawlessness. We’re afraid of people like George Soros, who has been kicked out of his home country because of his nefarious activities, but who now is a naturalized American citizen. We’re afraid of having too little money. We’re afraid of people who have what we consider too much money. I could go on for a long time here, but you get the picture, right?

The thing we ought to fear is the absence of God. He has become obsolete, you see, and His Word teaches things that go against the vision of a peaceful one-world government, so He is being legislated out of existence, persecuted out of existence, and taught out of existence in our institutions of higher learning. All, of course, is ridiculous nonsense, because He is God, and He cannot be made to disappear because of what we, His creation, think we want.

What I want to tell you this morning is that God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (II Tim. 1:7). I want you to know that there are 365 instances in His Word in which we are told fear not, don’t be afraid. One for every day of the year. Do a word study. Ask Google to give you a list of Bible verses about fear, just to get you started.

Above all, trust God. This world is in for some very terrible things after He removes every single one who is a believer, and the Holy Spirit no longer is in the world. But if you know Him, don’t be afraid.

And here’s a song I’ve grown to love that says the very same thing: Don’t Be Afraid,

The pianist, Roger Bennet, wrote that song. He was waging a battle with Hodgkin’s Disease, and seemed to have won the first round. He actually did win the final round, because the Lord took him home to heaven. What some of us may consider a tragedy, Roger considered a victory.

Don’t be afraid.

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