Sunday Morning Coffee: Shorter Days Already!

I glanced at my watch 20 minutes ago, surprised to see that it was already dusk outside. It was a quarter to nine and now, at 9:05, it’s dark. Well, we ARE at the halfway mark in July, but still, it seems that the days are shortening way sooner than they should.

Do you remember, if you grew up in a city or a smaller town neighborhood, how we milked these long summer days? After supper was the time for lots of hide and seek, and other games we could play in the street because there wasn’t much traffic. The heat of the day had relented somewhat, although it could still be overwhelming with humidity if there was no breeze. Back then, the mosquitos were relentless. No one was spraying whole neighborhoods 65 years ago, and we all had a bumper crop of mosquito bites in spite of whatever bug deterrent we used. It was just part of life.

Sometimes we played army until it was too dark to see each other. We were children of WWII parents, and we knew all kinds of things that gave us plenty of room to imagine scenarios. We spied, we hid, we sneaked up on each other. Then, the street lights would go on, and we knew we had to go in soon.

Now and then, if we didn’t get home as soon as they wanted us to, one or the other of our parents would call our names. We didn’t waste any time at that point. We knew we’d better get home fast!

One of these days, Jesus is going to call us home. We won’t get a warning. It will happen in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and our time on earth will come to an end. Those who do not know Jesus Christ will remain, and I would love to know how the talking heads are going to explain away the instant disappearance of millions all around the world.

And all this brings to mind a song that’s really an oldie, and that I didn’t much care for when I was younger. But it has more meaning as I grow older, and so I’m going to offer it to you here. I hope you’ll consider the words as they apply to believers.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Shorter Days Already!

    1. Thanks, Schubert. Yes,. I believe my generation was privileged to play unhindered by organized sports, parental hovering. We got up our own ball games, played on monkey bars, merry go rounds, teeter totters. I remember a great deal of freedom. We knew our boundaries as to how far we could go from home. There was a whole gang of neighbor kids, and we sometimes had to stay out of the rain. One of the moms had an enclosed porch where we could play board games, and she always made us pb&j sandwiches and Kool-Aid. Life was good.

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  1. It seems as if we have an abundance of lighting bugs this year. I remember catching them and putting them in a jar. Poor things. That was an enjoyable activity too. In regard to the reaction of the disappearance of Believers, I think the remaining world will celebrate.Sad. But they will be glad to have morality and conscience out of the way.

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    1. We’ve had an unusual amount of the critters, too. On the Fourth, sometimes I wasn’t sure if I was seeing the last bit from a fire work, of a cloud of lightning bugs!


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