Sunday Morning Coffee: No Goal!

The wisdom is that one should always have an end in mind before one starts to write. Well, sometimes I do. But not now.

My head is full of a jumble of things, some of which I will not mention because they are political. I don’t have the energy or the time to go there. Just this: Pray for our nation.

Some of my thoughts are centered on my Bible study posts this week, having to do with the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. It’s impossible to think about it, research it, write about it, without having a strong emotional response.

I had a bad cold last week, first cold I’ve had in a long time. Felt miserable, but I’m thankful it was just a cold. One of the consequences of feeling so bad was a huge lack of energy. I had an appointment on Friday, so decided to make a quick grocery stop on my way home. Wrong choice. I’m not sick any more, but my old creaky body just wasn’t ready to face the elements or the numbers of people in the store. When I got home, I crashed. I was very thankful to have some yummy leftovers available for supper 🙂

And speaking of elements, ours are softening here in our corner of PA. Softer air. Warmer temps–it got all the way up to 50 yesterday! Forecast for next week is very temperate. Someone told me they saw crocuses peaking through the melting snow. Ah, spring! Two more weeks before it’s official, and we could still get snow–but it will melt quickly, and spring will push winter out of the way.

I have a sister who lives in Phoenix. She loves her 360 days per year of blue skies, sunshine, and heat.

Not me. I love seasons. I love vivid changes. I enjoy storms. Yes, I know they can be dangerous, but there’s something about wind and thunder, snow, rain, and lightning that are thrilling to me. I’ve watched tornadoes play bouncy from the thunderheads high above, and found it exciting as much as frightening. I’m glad God gave us weather, and that in America we can go find the climate that suits us best. Florida holds very little attraction for me. I enjoyed visiting the Southwest and was awed by the size, the extent, and the unique beauty of mountains and deserts. But I love green grass, big trees, rolling hills and farmland. We have all that and more very nearby, and even my Yooper husband is content to be where we are. That’s a big deal, because when we met he was a recent transplant to the Twin Cities of Minnesota, and he wasn’t impressed at all.

I’ve been thinking about contentment. Godliness with contentment, the Bible tells us, is of great gain (I Tim. 6:6). It is so easy to be discontent. Most of the time, I don’t dwell on my physical aches and pains. They’re with me and I deal with them the best I can. Every now and then, though, Satan creeps up on me and pushes me to a darker place where I focus on everything that hurts, everything that no longer works as well as it used to.

That, my friends, is stinkin’ thinkin’ and it needs to be thrown out the second-story window. Pronto!

Do you struggle with dark thoughts? Perhaps some unkind thing you said or did years ago; perhaps a hidden sin that you just can’t seem to kick to the curb? We all have those times. It is what we think about that controls our words, emotions, and actions. When Satan manages to poke his scabby finger into your mind, grab Galatians 5:1. “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made you free; and be not again entangled with the yoke of bondage.”

May your Sunday be blessed. May you be refreshed in the Word and the fellowship, music, and prayer of your church family.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: No Goal!

  1. bryan Johnston

    Wonderful Linda – a very evocative piece of writing which i enjoyed enormously. Your words were just flowing along, from one descriptive pen-portrait to the next. And Yep, guilty as charged regarding “stinking thinking.” It used to lead to “drinking thinking” sooner of later, before AA showed me the way to get off the “merry-go-round.” Having found enough faith in a “Higher Power” to get my ramshackled life back on track, i was then unerringly ‘led’ to a life-changing encounter with Christ (via one of the hospital chaplains i had befriended at my place of work.)

    That was when EVERYTHING changed.

    Take care/God bless and keep writing – you’re SO talented!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bryan, you have the gift of encouragement. Thank you so much. And I’m so glad you found Jesus, and that He is now the foundation of your life. You will never be sorry. Congrats on your success with AA. I’ve never had an addiction to break, and I have great respect for those who succeed.

      One of my favorite verses: Galatians 5:1. Stand fast therefore in the LIBERTY wherewith Christ has made you free; and be not again entangled in the yoke of bondage.”


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