2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Winter

  1. A Christian can gauge his or her spiritual standing, at any given time, especially at times like these, by his or her priorities. If the Lord is always at the top of the devotion list and we are ever attempting to fulfill our walk with Him, we know our heart is right for the most part. The outworking of that produces tangible spiritual fruit. If we consistently place prayer, worship, Bible reading, and the spiritual work He has called us to first, with an attitude of gratitude and willingness to do His will it denotes a heart set on God. If one does his or her best at this regardless of circumstances, good or not so good, it illustrates the heart of one devoted to Him as He is devoted to us.

    The Lord knows we must deal with the practical and are often inundated with it, and that living in this fallen world of opposition to Him can sometimes be a full time challenge, the consequences of which causes living for Him to otherwise be more difficult, so He grants much grace, understanding, and mercy. Taking care of a single sheep is a full time effort. One must be devoted. How He is able to do this with millions of children is beyond human understanding but we know He does because we experience His devotion in our own lives. Those who are parents understand this very well. The more we are devoted to Him the more we allow Him to be devoted to us. This devotion is not easy but is tremendously fruitful.

    We are not necessarily choosing what seeds to plant because such is in His realm. We may wonder why His priorities in bringing forth fruit may not address areas we deem as important but we see the fruit in our lives and know it is there and are greatly pleased by it so we know our spiritual lives are working on some level. The desire for more will involve more effort, more prayer, more worship, more Bible reading and study. If we want our greenhouse to not only stay fruitful but be overflowing we must be overflowing in our spiritual efforts which means our dedication must involve eliminating fruitless efforts and the cutting off of branches that produce no fruit. I believe the Lord is telling all of His children this at present. I must do better.

    Thank you for this post Linda. Blessings to you. May your joy be full.

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