Sunday Morning Coffee: We Got Snow!

Predictions early in the week were dire. We could expect to be buried under a storm coming from the Northwest. We could get anywhere between 12-18.” Everyone went bonkers on Tuesday. I had gone to get a haircut, and decided to stop at the local big box store on my way home. Not for milk and bread, but some other mundane grocery needs and a prescription for my husband. I wasn’t even thinking about the coming storm.

Seems everyone else was, though. When I made my way to the checkout lanes, the lines were unbelievable. There must have a been a couple hundred people standing in various lines, many of them backed up into the aisles. I chose one where I didn’t see anyone with a cart piled to the rafters, I had my Kindle with me (I always toss it into my purse when there’s a chance I may have to wait, but I didn’t expect to have to use it on Tuesday) and I read way more than I expected to. Not a bit surprising? Someone ahead of the rest of us seemed to be having trouble with a credit card or some other payment problem, so we waited. And waited. I was very thankful that there were no screaming toddlers anywhere nearby.

Everyone was patient. No one was angry, cursing, or creating an issue. My cashier agreed that her work had been non-stop for her whole shift so far, which at that point had been five hours. As I put my bags in my cart, I thanked her and wished her a merry Christmas. As I put my wallet back in my purse, she said, “Thanks for that. Not many people are willing to say it.”

My word. Not that it came as a surprise to me, but I don’t remember ever saying Merry Christmas to anyone and getting a negative response. It may have happened, but I truly don’t remember.

Anyway, we ended up getting maybe four inches of the white stuff. No big deal for us, but farther north they got a lot more. I don’t envy those who have had so much to dig out of their driveways and sidewalks.

It’s beautiful when it’s falling, the big fat snowflakes. It’s still pretty the next morning, before plows and cars and salt trucks start making inroads. So sparkling white that I needed my sunglasses. I’m seeing white from a whole new perspective since I had my cataracts removed.

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know that there’s almost always a song in my mind as I write. At this moment, it’s the old hymn Whiter Than Snow.

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