Election Day!

No, this is not a political post. It is an encouragement post.


It’s a beautiful day. We left the house at 6:55, arrived at our polling site @ 7:05. Waited in a long, winding line for over an hour. Voting itself was quick and easy. Here in PA, we’ve gone back to paper ballot that’s not as easy to hack as the electronic ones. Of course, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

This is not our polling site, but it gives a very good idea about the general turnout today:

See the source image

It was orderly, with no one being obnoxious or threatening. I pray that will be true throughout the day, everywhere that people are voting.

It’s a precious right and privilege to vote. There are people around the world who have NO say whatsoever in who controls their governments. Whether your preferred candidate wins or loses today, you can still be thankful to live in a land in which people are free to vote without fear.

Remember that every vote DOES matter! If you don’t vote for your preferred candidate, you’re helping the one you don’t prefer.

One thing I noticed this morning was that no one within my hearing range was talking about their preferred candidate. Conversations that I could hear involved children, job interviews, boyfriends/girlfriends, the weather, and how glad people were that this campaign season is just about over.

Everyone was courteous, considerate and friendly.

This is the real America, folks. This is plain, ordinary people who have no desire to fight, be ugly, cause pain to others.

This is the America I grew up in and have loved for over 70 years.

Go vote today in order to help us stay the America of which we can be proud.

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