Sunday Morning Coffee: Hot and Rainy

What would we do if we didn’t have the weather as a point of conversation?

We’ve had quite a lot of weather here in my corner of PA this week. Torrents of rain, extreme heat and humidity. Clear, sunny skies between thunder storms. Flooding, including many, many wet basements. Roads in low-lying areas have made it impossible to get from Point A to Point B.

Lots of wind included in the rainstorms, so lots of branches down from older trees. Just about 30 miles south of us, there was a tornado mixed in with the thunder and rain. Cars were overturned in the hospital parking lot, and the roof of the hospital’s day care center was severely damaged.


All this, compliments of the softer side of Isaias. It did a lot more damage before it came this far north.

Remember Hurricane Sandy? Six or seven years ago, in the fall, that storm tore through the Caribbean, then hit the eastern coast states of the USA in a huge way. Power was out, sometimes for several weeks because there was so much damage to be cleared.

All we can do during such times is try to take protective measures. We can’t stop the storms. No amount of rhetoric, no windy speeches about climate change, no science out there has yet figured out a way to control the weather.

I spent my high school years in southern Minnesota, where tornadoes were a fact of life. Crops would be torn up in minutes. Silos could be flattened, barns blown to smithereens, houses carried from one town to another. And all we could do was watch, until it was time to shelter in the cellars that were the safest places during the storms out there. The clouds would turn an ugly, sickening yellow/green/black, and hail often accompanied such storms, doing further damage to crops.

What a mighty God is He! We forget, until these natural disasters remind us, just how small we are, and how helpless against the incredible forces of nature. We grow arrogant in our knowledge, forgetting that it can all come tumbling down around our ears in a very short period of time.

The Creator of the heavens and the earth is the only One Who can control the weather, while we forecast, warn, board up windows, evacuate, and head for the hills. Sometimes, we might even remember to pray to Him for protection.

There was someone in my life many years ago who called me only when she needed me to do something for her. When I failed to cooperate, she would tell others how unkind I was. We do that to God. We call on Him only when we’re in trouble. We go to Him like we go to Urgent Care, only when there’s an emergency, When we don’t get the answer we hope for, we complain that He’s not a loving God at all, and probably doesn’t even exist.

If we’re not in the habit of talking to God on a regular basis, why do we think we can demand Him to take care of us in when we’re in trouble? That’s not a relationship. It’s more like fire insurance, which we use only after a disaster.

God wants fellowship with us. It’s part of the reason He made us. He doesn’t want to just be available for disaster relief.

We need to turn to Him daily. The longer I live, the more I find that there’s a constant conversation with God going on in my head. It’s pretty cool. And when the storm of life blow in, I’m already connected 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: Hot and Rainy

  1. There are times when in conversation with people who ask advice, “God is not a vending machine.” Just once I didn’t get what I selected, but something else. Someone had loaded the soda machine with the wrong product in a slot I guess) then we stand and talk to the vending machine and say, “I didn’t want Coke, I wanted Sprite!” Don’t try to boss God.
    I know that wasn’t your point, I just wanted to share. Your point is well taken. 🙂

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