They Shall Never Perish

John 10:27-28

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me:

And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand.

John 10:27-28 My sheep hear my voice,... - King James Bible (www ...

It was a common practice of the time that shepherds would lead all their different flocks into one large fold, each shepherd being known and acknowledged by the doorkeeper of the fold. The next morning, as each shepherd came to gather his flock, he would simply stand and call to his flock. They, knowing his voice and hearing him, would separate from the other sheep and follow him as he led them out of the fold and into that day’s pasture.

This practice was a daily familiarity to the people, so Jesus knew His hearers would “get it.” He was indeed the Master Teacher, the incredible storyteller, taking that which the people already knew and understood to teach the deep truths of the Father.

Verse 28 contains a wonderful promise:

I give unto them eternal life: Jesus is the giver of eternal life to those who know His voice and follow Him. Life beyond this mortal experience, eternal life, means that no one can take that life away from the sheep.

They shall never perish: We all must experience death here on earth, but life in Jesus Christ is never-ending.

Neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand: It is impossible for anyone to take His sheep away from Him. The body may be destroyed, but the soul lives eternally. It is beyond the reach of sin and death, and there is no one at all who can remove the believing soul from the Father’s hand. The promise is that the believer need have no fear of mortal death, because he has eternal life in heaven once earthly death has done its work.

No one, no man, no theology, no dogma that man has devised, can remove the believer from the Hand of God.

3 thoughts on “They Shall Never Perish

  1. Thanks Linda. We are blessed with great hope by the Lord Jesus that all will be well if we stay close to Him in His flock and maintain His direct leadership and never have it circumvented and replaced by another.

    Regarding physical death, many cultures have their own ideas and traditional beliefs. Every single one of them is incorrect if it is not the one taught and revealed by the Lord. In reality, death was never meant to be but happened as a result of rebellion against the Lord’s shepherding. He has always been the Great Shepherd. Maintaining His leadership and Fatherhood as Shepherd keeps us connected to His Life, Provision, and Protection. Adam violated this, influenced by his wife, who had already rebelled and turned. At that point he was either going to lose her and stay with the Lord, or join her and lose the Lord. He chose wrong.

    Since then death was forced upon mankind. The Lord Jesus, however, defeated death and it no longer held the power it had for anyone who reestablishes His shepherding and joins His flock. It means that physical death must still happen but will only be a mere temporary arrangement. The time will come after physical death that a resurrection will commence and we will be given new incorruptible, immortal bodies and our spirit/soul will be reestablished with them and we will be whole once again.

    In the meantime it is exactly as you say, in that all those firmly established with the Lord Jesus and fully surrendered under His complete authority and shepherding will one day leave a physical body that has expired but otherwise remain exactly as they were before in relationship with the Lord. Therefore, the New Covenant Scriptures teach us that death is not something to be feared for those fully with the Lord Jesus. If He is actually our personal Great Shepherd and we bear the fruit of this in our lives then there is no problem. Otherwise there is a BIG problem.

    Rather than be concerned about physical death, real Christians should be concerned about their work for the Lord and completing it. And if one is of a mind to not see it quite this way, in that there a specific amount of work to be completed, working for the Lord is still the best way to deal with the inevitable, in my opinion, because it keeps our minds and focus on Him and we stay viable to help one another. In this way we are useful both to the Lord and one another and our positive work promotes positive feedback. We also receive a great lift from seeing our positive impact in spiritual warfare.

    We must work and fight until the end/beginning.

    Blessings to you this day for demonstrating this. I’m so glad I met you here seven years ago. I appreciate you keeping up the great work. This current series is great and fun to follow. Many are being blessed by your ministry and faithfulness.

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