Sunday Morning Coffee: I’m Home

Apparently I’m more tired than I realized. Way overslept, even though I set my alarm. I don’t even remember turning it off, but I must have. Terry was very quiet, and had already left by the time I surfaced around 8:45.

Triogenius: I Had This Weird Dream.....

I didn’t sleep terribly well. Weird dreams. Distressing. I don’t really remember them, but. they weren’t very good. Strange when that happens, isn’t it? Things rockin’ and a-rollin’ deep inside the brain that you didn’t even know were there, but sometimes they surface when you’re deeply asleep. When you begin to climb the slope back to awareness, they take a deep dive and disappear, sometimes forever. Perhaps, if I were to start all over again, I’d choose to study the human brain with all its multitudes of nooks and crannies and mazes of pathways. It’s a complicated place, the brain.

When I was actively doing therapy, I often referred to what the Bible says: “As a man thinks in his heart (mind), so is he (Prov. 23:7). What we think about, what we believe to be true, is what motivates our emotions and our behaviors. If our thinking is biblically based we’ll do pretty well most of the time. The trouble, of course, comes from inside ourselves. Sometimes we lose track of biblical common sense, and when we do, that’s when we begin to accept that the lawless behavior of mankind is okay. We begin to think there is no God we will answer to, that life here on earth is done with our final breath, and that’s all there is. When we reach that point, Satan has bagged another win.

Satan? Really? Yes, really. He is real. He is powerful. And he hates all that God loves; his whole purpose is to destroy as much as he can that God has created, including mankind. He has, from all eternity, desired to be better than God. He hasn’t given up yet.

Spiritual warfare is not fiction. The sin that lives in the heart and mind of man is not fiction. Pride has always been our downfall. Humanism is the belief that man is the ultimate being; it deifies man and humanizes the concept of God. It’s nothing new. It started, for humankind, when Satan convinced Eve that she could be equal with God. To what did he appeal? Her pride, of course. Walking and talking with God in the incredible garden He had given them. Adam and Eve desired to BE gods, and you know the rest of that story. Not only did their existence on earth change for the worse, but they infected all mankind with the same pride and self-serving desire to not have to bow to God’s holiness and omnipotence.

We have not learned, through all the thousands of years since the Garden of Eden, that God ALWAYS wins. Maybe not in our lifetime, but the ultimate victory is His, now and forever.

Our finite little brains, that we value so highly, have trouble with that. We struggle to admit that we are infinitely inferior to our Creator. It is when we acknowledge that, and accept His offer of salvation and redemption, that we begin to see that, no matter how bad things are, God is always, always the Master Planner.

Life becomes a lot more bearable when we know and acknowledge God’s absolute control, even His control over His eternal enemy, Satan.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: I’m Home

  1. Sometimes I find that physical exhaustion tends to a poor night of sleep. Balance is important for me. Knowing when to stop before I get TOO tired is important even at the risk of someone else thinking I am being a pansy. I guess it is one of the reasons I stubbornly tell people, “I’ll get it done, eventually.” because I don’t want someone pushing me. Or, it could simply be still the only child syndrome in me. 🙂 Those tendencies still are with me.

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