A Short Note

I’m up a bit earlier today, so I have time to just stop in.

We had such a good time last night. The friends who are housing three of our family came for supper. Janan and Mike put on a veritable feast :). We ate, laughed, ate, talked, sang a little bit at one point, laughed some more. After a while the. young people had enough of listening to us oldsters, so they peeled off for a hot game of Phase Ten and a lot of uproarious laughter.

Two things: I’ve reached an age at which I am more than happy to surrender my kitchen to capable younger folks. It’s a huge blessing to go lie down while someone else occupies your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to do that. I felt like a pampered queen.

1834 Queen Julie resting on a chaise by Michel Ghislain Stapleaux (Château  Fontainebleau Fontainebleau France) | Grand Ladies | gogm
The Queen is resting!

Second: I was glad when the young adults felt free to drift into another room. You shouldn’t be required to listen endlessly to the older generation reminisce. They had a blast, and so did we.

Don’t make a lot of rules when your family is visiting. Just relax, enjoy the clamor and the mess. Treasure the moment.

You don’t know if it will ever happen again!

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