Sunday Morning Coffee: The Fourth!

My birthday is July 4. It’s the absolute best day of the year to have a birthday. I’m now officially 73, and not in the least embarrassed to acknowledge it. I’ll never understand why some women don’t want anyone to know their age. I’m thankful for my years, thankful for my health, my family; thankful that I’m not senile yet, and that Jesus Christ is still Lord of my life. The closer I get to heaven, the more I want to be there.

Independent Woman (@woman_self) | Twitter

I’ve always loved this picture of a WWII woman working in the factory, stepping up her game, and showing how strong women can be. We can answer the call, however and whatever it may be.

I’m definitely of an independent nature, and I’ve taken a lot of good-natured kidding about that over the years. Even my mother told me she thinks I waited until the Fourth to be born because I was already independent. I was scheduled to come on June 20. My poor mom waited a long time past her due date, But three of my four paid it all back. That was before the doctors were agreeing to schedule you to be induced on a date that was convenient for everyone.

So I like the idea and the reality of strong, capable, independent women. Doesn’t mean we can’t be soft, cry, need help (we hate to ask for it, though!) It means that we’re not afraid to take on a job that is new to us, or seems beyond our skills or abilities. Not afraid to confront wrong when we need to. Not afraid to speak our minds. Not afraid to set boundaries and insist they be respected.

The trick to doing all that without becoming a shrew is to be able to laugh at yourself when you’ve been a jerk. It’s being able to admit you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, and to admit that someone else could do it better than you can. It’s also learning how to lead without creating animosity; how to understand what makes other people tick, so that you don’t tick them off.

It’s a growth process, and I think it will be until I take my final breath. Won’t it be wonderful to wake up in heaven and have all the trials of life be GONE! No more burdens, no more sorrow, no more hurt feelings or angry people.

No more desecration of the country you love. No more having to watch people who are emboldened by the defunding of police departments to do whatever they want, wherever they want, knowing no one can stop them. No more ignorance, no more filthy language shouted in the faces of police officers doing their jobs.

Well. This has taken a bit of a turn. For a minute, I thought about deleting that last paragraph, but no. It’s on my heart. I hate what I see happening in my country, the best country anywhere, but I fear we’ve lost the right to sing God Bless America! when we certainly have not blessed Him.

What do I mean? Well, just one example: The greatest death rate in this country is unborn babies. Millions of them, killed in the womb and expelled and dumped in the trash. The number of deaths from Covid, which I am NOT trying to diminish, is nothing compared to abortion deaths.

So I pray a lot, and in fact sometimes I realize that, especially on a day when I’ve been alone most of the day, I’ve been having an all-day conversation with the Lord. I call it having a little talk with Jesus 🙂

Glenn usually sings lead, so he’s having some fun here doing the bass part

5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee: The Fourth!

  1. Happy Birthday Linda! Sorry I missed it yesterday. I hope you had a good one. It appears the country is living out that Robert Frost poem about two roads diverging in a wood. The good guys took the one less traveled. The Great Awakening is being counteracted to the other extreme. It must be something to always have your birthday associated with the birthday of America. I must assume the Lord meant that for a reason. Thanks and blessings to you.

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  2. Amen, sister. I would not have thought that sweet face could be so tough. Good for you.
    Happy birthday. May you be in continual health until the day God calls you home. May that be a long time from now. And may you draw ever closer to Him. Blessings, Phyllis


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