Sunday Morning Coffee: Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday: 9 Things to Know and Share!

If we had been there. . . .

Would we have worshiped Him?

Would we have believed He was the Son of God?

Would we have shared the intense hope the He was Messiah?

Would we have joined in the celebrating throngs, shouting “Hosanna!” as He road into Jerusalem on that humble donkey?

Would we have observed His facial expression?

Would we have been caught by His eyes? I think they were both joyful and sorrowful. We would not have known what was coming, but He did.

Would we have been shocked when He was arrested in Gethsemane?

Would we have stood by, wondering and watching?

Would we have begun to doubt Him?

Would we have turned our backs on Him just days after spreading our cloaks before Him and waving palm branches in celebration?

We weren’t there, but people today are not so different from people then. We have our closely-held hopes and dreams, and we want miracles.

Less than a week after His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, He was suffering the agony of the sin of all mankind. He gave up His spirit of His own accord, dying to atone for our sin. Would we still have praised Him, as He hung ignobly on that cross of torture? Bloodied, beaten, marred and disfigured, beyond recognition of being a Man, would we have been disgusted and repelled? Would we have thought, “Well, if the High Priest thought it’s what He deserved, then I guess He did.”

Would we have realized it was what WE deserved?

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