Sunday Morning Coffee: Where Could I Go?

I’ve been determined NOT to write about the virus today, but really, nothing much is happening around here 🙂

It’s hard to ignore, isn’t it? It’s controlling a lot of lives right now, and seems it will continue to do so for a while.

As usual, thinking of current events has brought a song to mind: An old spiritual called “Where Could I Go.”

Trouble is nothing new. It started the moment the evil serpent in the Garden of Eden tempted Eve. I don’t know why we all seem so surprised that yet another evil serpent has raised its head in the form of the Corona virus. It’s not the first time a plague has threatened the health and life of countless people around the world.

I think it seems so much worse this time because of all the instant news options we have literally at our fingertips. I haven’t looked at email yet this morning, but I’m sure the virus will be there, as well as news on the economy affected by the shut downs all across the country and the world.

I despise the way the present situation is being politicized. It is beyond my understanding that we can find the time and energy to attack, accuse, and demean anyone with whom we disagree. Lots of finger-pointing going on out there. Name-calling has become an art form!

We’ll be listening to our pastor’s sermon via the internet later this morning, knowing that many of our church family will be listening with us, missing our usual Sunday morning fellowship but still able to be in touch.

Perhaps one of the best things to rise out of this mess is the creative ways people are dealing with suddenly becoming homeschoolers, or work-from-home employees. It’s a whole new world out there, and many are offering helpful ideas on Facebook and other social media sites. I’m so glad for the positive that’s out there to balance out the fear and hysteria.

We need not to forget that prayer is still our first, last, and best resort in times of trouble. God knows all about it.

Make it a blessed and thankful Sunday. Count your blessings. Name them ton by ton 🙂

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